The House of the Devil

In a world of imperfection and normalcy, magic is desired above all else. When the world learns of a realm of magic and beauty, everyone is prepared to give up everything and go, but there's a catch: In order to get there you must sell your soul to the devil.

Satan sat on his throne, looking out over the teeming masses below. They had come to him looking for a better life, and he had willingly offered it, but they didn't realize that after they died that they would live in eternal torment.

He had informed them of this (mostly because he didn't want to be sued) but it was in the small print at the bottom of the contract, and he knew that humans were known for signing things without reading them first. Demons, on the other hand, were crafty and always looking for loopholes in the system. With them, Satan could really entertain himself with a battle of wits. 

"High Lord, I have brought you a new list of names that you might want to look over."

Satan's most trusted advisor, Dragan, approached, holding a piece of paper in his hand. 

Dragan was a demon, as were all of Satan's servants and advisors, but Dragan stood out from the rest. He wasn't a sniveling, back-stabbing, coward, like most of Satan's other servants. Dragan was known for keeping his word and was fairly loyal. He stood about five and a half feet tall, and was complete with wings, a tail, and the hind legs of a dragon. His features were less human than most, for he had slightly pointed teeth and red eyes, and couldn't have walked down the street in the human world without being noticed. 

"Bring it here, Dragan. I'm glad you brought this when you did, for I was going to find more humans tonight."

Satan looked over the list without commenting. When he seemed to find one he liked, he looked at Dragan and said:

"Tell me about this Darien Black. He looks interesting."

"He's a teenage boy, Lord. He has been dreaming gaining magic since he was very young. If you were to offer him power, he is likely to do anything to achieve it."

"I trust your judgement, I'll go see him tonight."

The End

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