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"Uh thanks." Al said, slightly startled. He took the crutch with a forced smile. These people had no idea. Would they be helping him if they did? He didn't think so. 

Dawn crept up. John paced. 

"Ready yourselves." He said. "We move in fifteen minutes." He rubbed his brow, the memory of Fidelia and the rosemary still fresh in his mind. 

"Where are we going, Pa?" young Jonathan piped.

"To find someone important son, family." 

Jonathan seemed satisfied with the answer he had been given and tried to find a way to help. Grasping his father and grandfather's hands, he waited to go. As they were about to set off, John turned to the freemen,

"You decided?" 

"We're with you 'til Alkirk." Edlin stated. John nodded and they all headed west. Cobb and Zeb bought up the rear keeping an eye on the injured man, to make sure he could keep up. 

"Off we go then."

"Just wait til I see some of them Bummers." Cobb started. "They gonna wish they weren't born." Al tensed as Cobb said this. "S'matter? Pain?" Cobb asked noticing. 

"Um, a little. No worries, I'll be fine." Al said, probably a little quicker than he should of. This was going to be a long eight and a half miles. 

The End

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