Forward LadsMature

Zeb blinked twice before saying anything else.

"No? But what they did, John, they deserve nothing less!"

John looked up at his friend, the necklace still clenched in his hand and shook his head. He remembered her last words and knew that revenge would keep him from fulfilling them. 

"I said, No." He stated curtly, giving no reasoning. He wasn't ready to say why...yet. It was his secret, their secret and he would do it; for Fidelia. For their son; for the Love House. It shall be again, this was the only thought in his mind. Oh he would have his revenge on the bummers, but not the way that Zeb thought. He would rebuild, prove that it takes more to take down Love.

The day passed without another mention of the bummers themselves. John tended to young Jonathan, the way any father would. He thought of the next step, the next place they would go and where they would rebuild. Somewhere in California, far from here. Yes that would be it. 

As the night drew in, John lay his son down to sleep. 

"It won't be like this forever Son, I promise." He turned to his father,

"I have a plan, I'll keep my word and do what she asked." He choked back a sob at the mention of Fidelia once more. He had to stay strong for his father; for Jonathan. To lead the lads to the new Love House. His rough lips found young Jonathan's smooth forehead as he bid goodnight to his son. 

"Sleep well, lad. Your Ma watches over you." 

Nodding to his father, as he too, lay down to sleep; he went back to Zeb.

"We move tomorrow, Zeb. Not too far; West, to the next village." He could not recall it's name.

"You sure, John? Seems awfully soon..." Zeb started, a confused look. He searched John's face for any semblance of a plan; but remained none the wiser. As it seemed they were all settling down to sleep, John looked up.

"West. We move West." 

The End

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