The House of Hatred, or Horror, of EgoMature

A teen discovers a teenager trpped in her families basement and has to sav her while fighting a way to the exit.

"Ring around the rosey" The first index finger on the right hand falls to the earth "Pockets full of poseys" then the middle finger "Ashes, Ashes" The ring finger "We all fall down" finally the pinkie so now the only thing attached to the corpses right hand was a bloody, rotting thumb. The man who formerly owned the hand, had he knew about this hotels horrible history, would have just kept on trucking. However he did not because of the severe lack of people leaving alive. All the victims were either the children's playthings, or the family's magnificent and delicious meals.

The house was run by Bertrum and man who had seen it all and done it all, he killed, raped, eviscerated, and so one. Bertrum was married to Mia who was a good whole-hearted catholic woman. Her hands were stained with blood from hundreds of people. The children Noah, the 5 year old son, and Alecia the 3 year old daughter, had killed a lot already even with such few years before them. Alecia loved the sound of breaking bones, even if it was on the family dog. the cracking warmed her heart much in the way a bundle of roses would warm any normal girl's. The family had a 15 year old daughter who had tried to turn them in, however she disappeared before she could go before court.

One morning Bertrum was tending to his garden of human remains. The cellar doors began to rattle and screams began. As normal Ty was taking his rounds along the road and he heard this. "Bertrum, what's the noise?"

"Huh? Oh that nothin!" The old man returned.

Ty's curiosity was poinant, he was sure he heard a scream. He decided to return that night to investigate.

Twelve o'clock rolled around and Ty left home to go to the house of Bertrum and family.

The End

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