We walked for what seemed like hours, past houses, past shops, through a wood and even through a stream. Wormwood never let go of my shoulders for the hole trip and she never took her gaze from the moonlit way. In the dull light, she seemed almost beautiful. Her eyes seemed to have a far away glint in them but she never wandered. The light illuminated her features and made them seem impossibly delicate, like she was just a china doll.

Then when I thought I couldn't walk any more we came to an old cottage. It looked so familiar but I couldn't remember a thing about it. What had happened to me? Was I losing my mind? I didn't know anymore. Wormwood opened the door with impossible speed, faster than I could ever manage. Then letting go of my shoulders and shifting her grip to my arm led me through the small house up to the stairs. She pulled me through the dimly lit rooms until we came to a bedroom. There were voices behind the door and I knew the rest of her "minions" were probably in there.

As we enetered through the door I was suprised. The bedroom was empty apart from a single chair and a light. They would be interrogating me surely, for answers? I couldn't even tell them if I wanted to, then breaking my thoughts once again, Wormwood half placed, half threw me into the chair and turned on the light.

With so many eyes on me my throat became dry very quickly and sweat poured down my face, then Wormwood opened her mouth and I knew the questions would start soon. 

The End

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