taken away

I was terrified. I'd almost been caught by them before, by the one called Wormwood but I escaped. I ran away, ran until my legs ached and I thought I would fall at any moment. Ran and ran and ran. Wormwood scared me, she seemed so sincere, like she cared about me and that is what terrified me most about her.

I didn't know what they wanted from me. I could barely remember when this started, it was the day that I "came round" started living again and couldn't remember my life. It was only a few days ago but it could have been a lifetime, it felt like I'd been hiding away for so long.

Then the pale figure stepped into the room breaking my train of thoughts. "Crystal darling", she said, " come with me, we've been looking all over for you" and just like that I was falling right back into her trap, back to the last place I wanted to be, back within Wormwood's grasp. As she held both of my shoulders firmly I looked up at her and she smiled at me. Her light grey eyes seemed to stare straight through me, right intom y inner soul. I wanted to run again, back to the forest, where I'd hidden before this but I knew no good would come of it. They'd only find me again. So I followed. I followed like a lost puppy in need of shelter and in some ways it was the worst decision I ever made.

The End

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