The house

When Crystal is taken she can't remeber a single thing about herself. Who is she? Where is she? Who is Wormwood? Who are the women in black and why do they seem so tormented?

There was barely a noise in the old house. Hardly a sound was made. The only noises were the creaking of the old  bare floorboards as the pale figure stepped upon them and the sound of rain pouring through the gaps in the roof.

I tried not to breathe.

I knew they would find me soon but I wanted to have my last moments to myself. 

I didn't even know why I was here, or who I was for that matter. Had they taken away my memory? Brainwashed me perhaps? Or had I never had a memory. If so how did I know instinctively that these were not good people? They all seemed so different to me. All dressed in black with pale skin and dark eyes. There was one that was different though. Her name was Felicity, or as they all called her Wormwood. I didn't know why but something about that name scared me. I knew something tragic must have happened to each of these women but what, I didn't know.

Then the door opened, spilling a dull but all the same magnificent glow onto the warn carpet. I knew they had found me.

The End

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