Hasta la vista

Knowing that there was a crazy old lady that was coming after me, I had to change country. I wanted to make sure that it was a country very far away, so I planed to go to Italy.  I prepared my stuff and left for the airport. Arrived at the airport, I was glad that all my problems were over. But i saw the worst person i could ever see, it was my wife. She was angry that i was leaving for Italy without telling her. I knew i couldnt tell because id be in trouble, so i told her that i was going to see my uncle Vito Corleone. In a miracle, she believed me. Then a gun shot was heard. My wife fell into my arms with a hole in her chest. It was the old lady. She was reloading and getting ready for another shot. I jump on the ground and she missed her shot. I took out my handgun and shot her through the eye. I ran into the plane before the cops could arrive.

The End

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