I had actually made it out of there alive. What a relief. I made myself coffee while still eyeing the television. They said that the woman was still alive. Alive they say? How could she be alive? I shot her for god sake? They also said that they had found a dead body outside. I thought back to that night and remembered the man's breathe. He hadn't been dead just drunk. He couldn't believe he had let that poor man die alone. The polices' theory was that the woman had poisined the man. The man had a gun on him, so when he noticed what the woman had done, he shot her and left for help. But passed out outside and died. The man was left in deep though until he heard commotion on the television. He saw the woman he had shot running out of a building. She had escaped. And the first thing that crossed his mind was that she was coming for him.

Was he write?

The End

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