When duty calls.

The glass just sat on the table and she eyed my expectantly, just waiting for me to take a sip. I told her that I would like something to eat and would drink her "milk" later to wash down the food. She agreed and went into the kitchen and I seized the moment and emptied my glass into a nearby flowerpot. She returned with a plate of pot roast and noticed that my glass was empty so she smiled and told me to enjoy.

My stomach growled, once again informing me that I was hungry. I dug in and filled my mouth with food, chewed, and swallowed. That's when it hit me! What if she poisoned the food? I quickly asked her where the little mens room was and raced to it. I installed my self over the bowl and lunged my finger down my throat. After I emptied my stomach contents I slowly opened the bathroom door trying not to make a noise and noticed a M1911 Handgun sitting on a desk counter. Pulling my knowledge from being Ex-Military I grabbed the handgun and gazed through the iron sights. The moment I saw the old women I shot her and  the passed out old man. I went to there garage took what I needed (along with a little jewlery) and ditched. It is only three months later that I saw on the news that the crazy women poisoner had just been jailed after poisoning her 7th husband. crap.

The End

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