I grabed the tall glass of creamy milk and slid it along the hardwood table toward me. By this time my throught was a rough as sandpaper, and the thought of the refreshment forced me to bring the tall, slender glass to my parched lips. "Whent and bought it this morning!, Fresh as Fresh can be" the frail women said excide3dly from behinde her large straw sun hat. she said the name of some store in some place but the area seemed as strange to me in this remote bug infested hole.

"I don't see many people all the way up here!, your the first in days" she exlaimed in a voice as if she had accomplished a great feat. 

Suddenly her face became more and more distorted and my eyes began to drop, slowly my whole body became limp. I wanted to scream at the old woman who was now prepairing somthing in the dark end of the pantry. the jamble of words that I was capable too sputter out came out so confusingly. The movement of my own hands became a great effort, and slowly i could feel my body sinking into the large chair.

"I'll be making supper soon, would you fancy staying over" came a voice from the pantry. 

"What you'll stay" she replied to her self. 

"I'll go put on my sundress!"

Then the old frail figure walked from the dark, eriee panty and place a large sharp knife on the kitchen table beside me. Unable to move my body screamed and roared to run, but now movmen was completely impossable. 

"You'll tast just right" she whispered. Walking to ward the hallway where she again disappered into a small door. 

"Yes, just Right" I hear her say from behind the door.

The End

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