The houseMature

This is a collection of short storys.

When I first got the call from out there news wanting me to investigate the haunted house I was very sceptical. I just didn't believe in such things but went along with it anyway because it was my job and well I neeed the money.

As soon as I started walking towards the house I could hear the wind blowing through the trees and the distant sound of dogs or wolves howling at the bright full moon. When I entered the house it was very dark and I started to fell very cold. I could hear the creaking of the doors and could smell burning and before I knew it this thick black smoke surrounded me and I had no idea where it was coming from.

Then I heard this eerie music coming from upstairs and as fast and suddenley as it had appeared the smoke disappeared again. As I climbed the stairs to follow the sound of the music I could hear the creak of the floorboards and thats when I saw him, The boy. He looked about my age with golden blonde hair like silk and the bluest blue eyes I have ever seen. They were like pools of crystal clear water that you could swim in forever and he was gorgous.

I felt excited and scared at the same time. Why?  Because I could see right through him. He was a ghost. As I approached him he turned away then turning back to me he beckoned for me to follow him and he began to tell me his story.

"When I was a small boy about 5 or 6 my parents bought this house. We had many happy years together here. Then one night when I was 27 my parents went on holiday Whilst I was house sitting for them they never returned. There was a horrible accident out there and they were tragically killed. That very same night a fire broke out here whilst I was asleep in my bed and I died too. Nobody knows what happened that night either here or there. Even as a small child I could see and hear things in this house that no one else could but when I tried to tell my parents and other people that this house wa haunted they didnt believe me. Nobody believed me. They all thought I was crazy. Then when I was 14 they sent me to the institute for the insane."

That night when I was asleep I had the strangest dream. I heard a bodyless voice saying the same thing over and over again."Dont believe he's lies, he's crazy," I was then shown a newspaper clipping with a headline that screamed out at me "Boy kills himself and family in house fire." I woke up with a scream and felt cold and clammy and couldnt stop shaking with fear. I immediately got up and started getting ready to leave when he came to me again "Where are you going?" he asked "Gggggoing nnnnnnnowhere" I replied hardly able to talk with fear. "DONT LIE TO ME!" he screamed "TELL ME THE TRUTH. YOUR TRYING TO LEAVE ME ARN'T YOU? JUST LIKE THEM." "Im sorry" I replied through my tears "Im scrared. Your scaring me." And just like that he's tone changed "Im sorry." he said. "I didnt want to scare you. Okay I admit it I did kill them I escaped from that place came back here and killed us all. And now you know the truth you must die too." "NOOOOO!" I screamed as the flames attacked me.

Thats the thing about that house you see? Many people have entered over the years and many more will in years to come but noone ever leaves. Not alive anyway. 

The End

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