The Horse and the Athenian

This story is abotu a horse that is mistaken by all man- kind to be a brave and handsome steed! The story is also about a cowardly-attention seeking- young (ancient) Athenian man who sets out to find this creature. When they meet, they are both in for surprises


                  Their once was a horse made of the finest breed. It was tall, lean, and fast. It's hooves were gold, and it's coat was silky black. This horse was big and strong, one might be scared if they saw it! No one really owned this horse, this horse was very wild. All of the citizens of anceint Athens were to frightened to even try training it.

      Sadly this horse was very over estimated. The horse was a coward. Not onyl a coward, but it's hoves weren't really gold, they were yellow. In sun light they looked gold, but up close one would be fairly disapointed. Not only this, but the horse was a loner and was kicked out of his herd.


        One day a young Athenian heard the tale of this large horse. The Athenian, who was very brave head otu to find the horse immedatly. The young man ws a coward himself, but wanted attention. With otu a second thought he headed otu on a mission to find this mighty steed. This starts the story of the horse and the Athenian.............  

The End

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