Lightning's Perspective

Sky hummed merrily as he went down the rows of pens with a skip in his step to lock the horses up for the night.  Lightning snorted moodily as he reached her and he gave her a stern look.

“Now, Lightning, you scared the poor woman to death,” he scolded.

Lightning flicked her head up and snorted in a snobbish way.  Sky sighed tiredly.

“Would you like me to braid your mane?” he asked and Lightning immediately stuck her neck out to give him space to do so.

With a roll of the eyes, Sky began to nimbly work his fingers through her silver mane and braid small plats into it.  Lightning snorted in content and neighed happily as Sky pulled out some small ribbons to tie the plats in.  Sky smirked and hugged her neck gently.

“You act so tough but you’re such a softie when you’re around me,” he murmured and patted her nose softly “What makes me different from the other carers, hm?”

Lightning just snorted and nuzzled him happily, nibbling on his shirt.  Sky moaned in protest and pulled away.  Lightning kept a firm grip on his shirt and accidentally tore it so Sky’s torso was exposed.  Sky groaned and threw his hands up in the air moodily.

“Lightning, what’s the matter with you today?” he asked and snatched the shred of cloth that Lightning still had “That’s my favourite t-shirt as well!”

Lightning snorted irritably and they engaged each other in a glaring contest. 

“Uh, excuse me?”

Both horse and man snapped their heads towards the newcomer’s voice and Sky’s eyes softened when he saw the woman from before.

“Miss Fox,” he said and walked over to her “Is there something the matter?”

He didn’t notice the way she saw his bare chest and blushed sheepishly before she looked at Lightning who gave her a glower.  Lightning did not like this woman at all.  She was getting close to Sky and Lightning didn’t want her to get too close.  It was a well known fact among horses that once their carers found someone to settle down with, they were more likely to leave and get a different job.  Silver Wind didn’t seem to be bothered too much about Sky leaving but for Lightning, there was no other human that she could trust.  She neighed mournfully as Sky led the woman out of the stables and closed the main doors.  Her ears drooped and Lightning bowed her head moodily, reversing back into her stable to see if she could see him from her window.  Lightning was easily agitated since she was a young foal and grew up to be very aggressive.  Sky was the one who stopped the managers to put her down after she kicked a small child off her.  Then it was Sky who looked after her and kept her calm as she let children ride on her.  If Sky left then she would become aggressive again and then she would really die.  Lightning whinnied mournfully once she saw Sky and the woman hold hands as they walked out of the stable park.

The End

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