The Horse and Lady Lover

“She’s beautiful, is she not?” Sky whispered to his horses, Silver Wind and Lightning.

Silver Wind snorted while Lightning kicked her head up.  Sky patted her nose with a smile.

“You’re not getting jealous are you?” he asked and continued to watch the young woman who sat on the other side of the meadow with a book in her hands.

He sighed and leaned on the fence dreamily, resting his chin with his hands.  The wind blew his shaggy blue hair out of his face and Sky tucked some behind his ear gingerly.  His sea green eyes widened when the woman he was observing lifted her head and he ducked sheepishly, pretending to comb Lightning’s mane.  Lightning snorted but remained still for Sky obediently.  Sky smiled and hugged her neck gently as a small reward for being a good horse.  Silver Wind neighed and head-butted Sky’s shoulder harshly, making Sky stumble and chuckle.  Sky turned and hugged Silver Wind so he wouldn’t feel left out.  Sky had a sort of gift.  Horses loved him a lot when he was around and he in return loved horses.  He decided to work at the stables because of this.  Sky looked into Silver Wind’s eyes and smiled.

“Is she looking away yet?” he whispered “It would be embarrassing to look round and see…”

Silver Wind stamped his foot which didn’t mean yes or no so Sky looked over his shoulder and paled when he saw the young woman crossing the meadow.

“Uh, I’ll just go and get those carrots that I’ve left in your pen,” he excused himself.

Lightning neighed after him, as if calling him a coward, and Sky smiled sheepishly while disappearing into her pen.  He picked up the half empty bucket of carrots before peeking through the window to watch the woman approach Silver Wind and Lightning.  Sky’s heart melted at the wonderful smile that appeared on her face when she petted Silver Wind carefully.  His eyes widened when she turned to Lightning and began to pet her.

“No,” he whispered “No, don’t do that, she’ll-!”

The woman yelped as Lightning bit her hand aggressively and Sky cursed under his breath, running out with the carrots.  He dropped the bucket and grabbed Lightning’s reins.

“Bad Lightning!” he shouted and Lightning reared up abruptly, nearly knocking him over “Woah!  Woah, Lightning!  Calm down!  Calm down, Lighting, what’s gotten into you?”

Sky hushed Lightning calmly as Lightning landed on all four hooves and petted her nose soothingly.  He stared into Lighting’s eyes that seemed to gleam mischievously and Sky sighed and leaned his forehead on her irritably.  Lightning could be such a pain sometimes.

“Sorry, ma’am,” he said to the woman “This one’s a wild one.  Perhaps I can show you to some less aggressive horses?”

The woman smiled shyly and nodded as Sky jumped over the fence to give her a small tour around the stables.  Sky discretely glared at Lightning over his shoulder and the mare seemed to smirk at him.

The End

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