The Horrors Of Blue Moon

In the little town of Blue Moon, the strangest secrets are concealed by vast landscapes and people who dare not speak out. Deep in the woods, terrifying things beyond anything you can imagine lurk and wait. You, however, are not waiting around for whatever is out there to get you. Choices must be made, and they must be wise, for you may become another victim of the horrors of Blue Moon...unless you find away to escape. But little do you know that what watches you is closer than you ever imagine

In the spacious country landscape of Blue Moon Farms, all is quiet, and the shadows seem to take on minds of their own. Every now and then a car flies by on the highway to your left, it's headlights illuminating the road and your face, and an unseen owl hoots solemnly in a tree to your right.
You have awoken in a field, in a place you do not recognize, in an inexplicable fear you cannot eradicate.
Perhaps your friends have told you about Camp Blue Moon, a summer camp at the end of the road where children go to play and fish and experience the beauty of the wilderness. At once they tell you more out of fear than in jest, that there is something very wrong with Camp Blue Moon, and the wide areas not far beyond it. Blue Moon Farms isn't like the camp, you reassure yourself with quiet terror, recalling the horrible tales that wafted from dear neighbors and friends who have heard them from others. Stories about disappearances, about something lurking in the woods, beneath the lake and in the trees, and EVERYWHERE.
No one knows what it/they are, and they certainly don't trust anyone who associates with the permanent residents of that accursed land.
Especially not you, only here you are, lost and alone and without a car to get home, in this uneasy, fluid darkness that lacks the sound of even crickets and frogs.
Off in the distance, over the hills, and near the forest, you sense you are being observed by something, and a faint golden glow that isn't sunlight can be seen from the horizon, shining and flickering in the trees. After a while it fades.
You stand up quickly, and consider your options. You could hitchhike with someone you don't know, someone that wouldn't even know how to get where you live even if you did, because most of the cars that traveled this desolate highway did not come from here, but in far off states. Not to mention that many have been murdered by the passerby that pick up drifters on the road, and you aren't going to take a chance at that, especially being a female in your twenties. Easy prey for a crazy predator that feels no remorse.

So many hills, vast and enigmatic and alien to you. You can't see any animals like cows or chickens. Perhaps there aren't any.
You turn around and see the glow of an occupied house, way far away.
Perhaps they could help you, or hurt you, but right now there seems to be no choice. And besides, this sounds more appealing than being stuck in a car with a stranger, this way you could easily run if things took a turn for the worst.
You suddenly remember the horror movie, "Wrong Turn" in which the two characters end up in the hands of brutal, insane hillbillies that don't take kindly to intruders on their property.
But that is merely a movie, you counsel yourself. It wont happen to you. You sense that death is not ahead, but something much more promising....and yet something feels so wrong.

As you start to walk towards the house, something keeps going through your head in a quiet whisper you swear isn't your own. A voice that is silent, a thought that is a voice.
"So, sweet and adorable, such a little lamb you are. so alone and afraid. you wont last long, not here, in this place, alone."
The voice sickens you, for it quivers with excitement and...anticipation...
You break into a run, feeling almost certain that the source of the voice was watching you, waiting for you. Stalking you.
"All those missing children, carried off into the woods. and the wolves! Oh, God, the wolves! They aren't normal. They look so wrong! Their faces aren't supposed to be that way, their eyes aren't supposed to be that red. Parts of them are normal, and the rest are....metallic...unnatural. They don't ever attack. They always watch. just watch."
Your friend has been to Camp Blue Moon. She has seen things. Her voice screams in your head as you run.

The house gets closer, your breath becomes shallow and wheezy. You realize how terrified you are inside. Your heart is thumping, but not horribly fast. Just with a nagging uneasiness.
The voice coos in your head again, only this time sounding more real than imaginary.
"Don't go to the house, my dear. bad things are waiting in that house. there is a cabin in the woods where you will be safe. a cabin down the road, near the lake. Go there, my dear. Little lamb, before it's too late for you."

You try to slow your heartbeat, because now it is racing. the voice has such a strong impact on your decision-making, but so does the memory of your friend's voice. 
"It was in the woods. Jesus, I hated the woods. Each tree felt like an eye. An eye watching me so close. The wolves were mildly terrible compared to what is in the woods."
She doesn't reveal to you what "it" was no matter how hard you press her.

You wish so badly you were safe at your home, sitting in that armchair with your cat, reading mystery novels and giggling with giddy excitement at what happens to the characters.
For a moment you pause, again considering your options. The voice tells of a cabin in the woods, but the house looks more inviting. The voice could be lying, wanting to trick you to going into the woods.
Perhaps the voice isn't real. You hope so.

You decide to go to the house, and as if knowing, the voice comes again, now much more than a faint whisper, it sounds smooth and calm, like the surface of a quiet pond, but with a hidden creature lurking at the bottom...
"Ooohh...such bad things await in that house, little lamb. You have no idea. Safety lies in the forest, in that cozy little cabin. Away from the Bad things. They can't get you there, not ever."
The voice scares you so profoundly, not because of it's tone and slight sinister nature, but because of it's effect on your judgment. You want to go to the house, but are afraid of what you might find.
But going into the woods seems so stupid. What your friend said makes doing it so stupid.
But why did that voice keep telling you to go?
You recall your friend talking about the Things under the lake that usually come out to hunt on a blue moon, which doesn't happen often. She doesn't tell you if the missing children of Camp Blue Moon are still alive, but you sense that they are. You are torn between two choices now, both of which might lead to your end.
"My dear, life is precious," continues the voice. "More precious than jewels. If you wish to save yourself, go to the woods. Seek safety in the woods. Bad things are waiting in that house. Waiting for you. It would be wise to seek safety in the woods. Go there,....NOW! "
Now it's rings in your head like an angry scream that wont go away.
You must make a choice.

The End

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