Chapter 5

The journey to the bank was a short one, as Rex was rushing and Pebbles had become accustom to fast paces. On the way they passed many shops filled with people performing every day routines, all wearing bored expressions.

When they power walked past the park, Rex recognised some of his classmates bunking off school, swinging on the children’s’ swings and making complete idiots of themselves.

The bank was a tall structure, not nearly as impressive as the church, but still tall enough to dominate Bodmin’s main town centre. It was placed right in the middle of the town, next to a bakery and opposite a bookstore. The bank was the usual square shape of a building, was twenty storeys high and all of the windows on all of the floors were a shiny silver and designed so no one outside could look inside.

Rex knew the bank well. He could make his way round the twisting corridors and knew the names of quite a few employees there. He could easily navigate his way into any room and had once been given a tour of the place. This was because both of his parents worked there and, when

Rex had displayed interest in their carers for a career day at school, he had been given a grand tour and had even

met the boss, Mr Woodley.

As the towering bank came into view, Rex silently made pans in his head about what he would do once inside.

Leaving the conversation between the two civilians had been a bad idea, and Rex now wished he had eavesdropped some more, perhaps he could even find the location of any information. By the sounds of things, he was looking for quite a lot of information, perhaps a whole cabinet dedicated to the subject.

But why on earth would an ordinary bank be involved with a horrid monster and, at an extension, Rex and others with his gifts? Something big was happening right under the public’s nose, Rex was sure of it, and whatever it was it could very well change humanity. If the bank really did have info, then Rex’s parents may well be involved.

Before entering thought the automatic doors, Rex ran his gaze up the entire length of the building, trying to decide what the right course of action might be. Maybe the location of any vital documents might be listed at the reception area, or maybe in the boss’s office. 

Pebbles went in before him, and as he had expected, they did mot open. Because she didn’t exist, she couldn’t be standing on the pressure pad that opened the door whenever someone walked on it, so it didn’t open.

They simply waited for some else to walk in before them, unwittingly opening the door for them.  The door hissed slightly, the noise a computer might make when first turned on and trying to reboot its system. Rex found the noise unnerving somewhat. To him it was yet another

futuristic noise.

Shaking his head to rid himself of any unwanted and irrelevant thoughts, Rex slunk in next to Pebbles to find himself, as he had expected, in the reception area. It was a wide room, with blue tiles on the floor that were slick ad could easily cause someone to slide over. The reception office was at one end of the room and on the other was a door and arrow of lumpy sofas to wait on. Rex went straight for the door.

The door took him to a long hallway and, on one side the wall was lined with yet more doors, on the other there were elevators.

“We should take the stairs, because the elevator wouldn’t work with us” Rex advised. Pebbles nodded.

The stairs were positioned right at the end of the corridor, some fifty metres away. Rex was alarmed to find hey went down a considerable length and he decided to head downwards.

“Why down?” Pebbles queried.

“Secret documents and whatnot are usually kept below ground, in the films they are anyway” Re explained hastily, and started going down the first set of stairs.

Being led by his knowledge of films and secrets far below ground, Rex carried on walking down, until he reached the very bottom of the building. Looking up, he whistled with worry.

“We are very far down, possibly a couple of hundred metres” he observed.

“You don’t expect to find some massive draw marked

clearly Beasts do you?” Pebbles asked.

“Nope, but there’ll be keys to cabinets. Because no one can see us, we ca snatch it” Rex said.

Rex was correct about the keys and, when they opened the first door available, they found a huge room packed with locked cabinets. The key was hanging next to the door, pressed against a glowing pad on the wall.

“If the key is removed before the system is shut down, the alarm will go off” Rex explained.

“Even we will be noticed, surely?” Pebbles asked.

“Yes, the alarm will go off but we won’t be seen. Bad thing is, the system will probably go into lockdown and shut us in.

Luckily, my dad gave me the password” Rex boasted, remembering the day.

Jackson had been leading him through the long corridors, boring him with some story about mixed up bank details. Rex had spotted a locked door and asked for the code.

“Between you and me, its 1651” Jackson had said “and I’m only telling you because this will be the last you probably see of this bank. They only really allow one tour per employee”

“Your dad is a bit dim” Pebbles said.

“Yeah, but how was he supposed to know me and you would be killed by a monster hound, brought back to life by me and be erased from existence” Rex admitted.


Rex quickly pressed the code not the keypad fitted into the wall next to the alarmed pad. The pad realised its grip on

the key and the key dropped to the floor with a clatter. Rex picked it up and counted the keys.

“Twenty one keys” he confirmed “let’s start looking”.

Together, Rex and Pebbles moved from cabinet to cabinet, finding the correct key for the lock and sorting through the folders within. After checking only ten cabinets, no info was found.

But, when they reached the sixteenth cabinet, and Rex opened it, they found not folders, but scrapbooks

crammed with posters and pictures. Rex opened each one

in term, his eyes growing wider and wider.

“This is it” he said finally, as he showed Pebbles a crudely drawn picture of what looked like their attacker.

“Here’s more” pebbles gaped in awe.

Sure enough, there were more documents hiding info about monster attacks and the monsters themselves. Rex gathered up all of the relevant paper and started to go back for the door. Pebbles remained at the cabinet, picking up another document.

“Come on Pebbles” Rex urged.

“Hey ex, isn’t that Fynn guy the priest?” Pebbles questioned, holding the document tightly as if it would escape her grasp.

“Yeah, so?”

“Well there is a whole document about him, his life, what he does. Even something abut his part in the beast attacks”

“Let me see” Rex requested, dropping his books and paper.

He took the folder and emptied it off its paper. As Pebbles had said, there were pages and pages of things about Fynn.

“I think Fynn knows” Rex decided.


“He might have been the one who shouted. Look here, it

says he was attacked when he was younger” Rex shoved

the sheet at Pebbles.

“Ok, so we find him as soon as we can” Pebbles said “but if this place is a bank, why does it hold info about monsters and priests?”

“Because it’s not a bank” Rex blurted, everything coming together “it must be a bank on top and maybe a sort f

research centre on the bottom. Let’s find an office down

here just to be sure”


Rex put the books gently down next to the wall, vowing to return for them later, he then proceeded to open the door, climb a few floors of stairs, and sought out an office.

The first door he opened was heavily armoured and looked suitable to keep out one of the beast that had attacked them, or keep in.

As he was about to open the door, Pebbles clamped her hand on his shoulder and pulled him back, her expression meaning she thought that same as him. She shook her head slowly. Rex pulled himself from her grip and yanked the heavy door open, having to tug it as it grated across the floor. The inside of the office was dark and lit only by a single dying bulb.

Rex could see metal, lots of it, arranged into pens, amongst like pens made to keep animals in. Only this pen went from the ceiling to the floor, and formed a cage. Inside the cage Rex could just make out a deformed body.

Whatever the animal was inside, it was still alive. It turned

round, revealing pointed teeth and sprang at them. It

smashed heavily against the cage, crushing its shoulder with a loud yelp. Rex leapt back, a near repeat of the first attack.

Pebbles stepped forward and inspected the animal.

It was an exact replica of the beast on the moors. It had the same twisted body and the same hooded face, the same eyes and the same claws.

“That thing can see us” Pebbles whispered.

“That’s the freaking beast!” Rex yelled. The beast roared at him, then slunk back into the shadows of its pen, defeated.

“No, but it’s the same species” Pebbles inquired.

“There’s more than one of them things!?”

“This place isn’t a bank, it’s a research centre” pebbles said, pointing at the floor. The blue tiled floor bore a large, painted mark.

It depicted a scene of two monsters, unlike the one that lay before them, curling around a company logo. The log said B.A.R.C in large, old fashioned letters. Leaves twisted around the scene, thorns sprang form the stems. 

“We really need to find Father Fynn Blador” Rex said, stepping back out into the hallway “and since we aren’t going to be missed, let’s do it now”

Before heading back up the stars, Rex decided to take a more thorough look around. He went back into the cabinet room and, right at the back and blocked from view, was a steel door. Pebbles tried forcing it open but it stood its ground.

In the end Rex had to try each of the twenty ne keys in

turn to see if any it the lock. When the right key eventually

slotted in, Rex gently pushed the door open and almost

collapsed in shock at the sight within.

The room he had opened the door to was absolutely enormous, bigger than Rex’s entire school put together. It was a hall, filled with gadgets and stairways, and more cages, this time empty. No one occupied the room, so Rex felt it safe to nose around. The ceiling rose very high up, and every ten metres or so up, there was a new floor than wound around.

The tiled floor gleamed white and the circular walls were painted a simple blue colour. Lights were nailed to the wall

as far as the eye could see each one bright and spherical in

design. There were a number of desks arranged neatly to

one side of the huge room, and one each was a model of some monster or another.

Rex approached the desk cautiously; aware this sort of technology might be able to sense him. The models before him were each about the size of Captain, made of clay and all were made in standing positions.

Rex’s face glowered with recognition as he spotted the hooded beast on the moors; only this model looked unharmed and healthy. The monster looked more powerful than their attacker, with rippling muscles and thick legs. Rex knew that if this beast had been the one to attack them, no voice would warn it off, however commanding. The hooded wolf creature bothered him not, as he had seen many more clay figures. With outrage he realized each model, and there must have been nearly a hundred, displayed a new species of monster, each

completely different to the last. The only similarities the beasts bore were that they all resembled canines in some way.

“Pebbles look” Rex called over to her.

Pebbles left the table of gadgets she ad been inspecting, and approached the clay models.

“Looks like there are more than we thought” Rex said. Pebbles nodded her head and took Rex’s hand. She led him to her table of techno devices and handed him a pair of glasses. The glasses had wires running into a small yellow box on the back of the head strap.

“Put them on. Night vision goggles”

Rex pulled the strap over his head and flicked the switch on the box, immediately the whole room was plunged into

darkness, but Rex could make out every object perfectly, and Pebbles appeared as a red form. It ha heat sensors.

“And this” Pebbles said, giving Rex a black metal box. He opened it and inside there was a pen, a thick black pen. Accompanying the pen were a set of small devices that Rex saw would fit onto the end of the pen. He selected one at random and pushed it onto the end of the pen.

Instantly a very bright light erupted from the nib of the pen and Pebbles had to shield her eyes. Rex unscrewed the light and put the pen back in the box.

“This is what we need to defeat that beast” Pebbles uttered. Before Rex had a chance to take the goggles off, Pebbles scooped up an armful of gadgets and made her way to the door. She slid in and out of the cabinets and when she reached the books Rex had piled up behind the door, she dropped them.

“Come on, lets get Fynn” Pebbles beckoned Rex over.


The climb back up the stairs was harder now that they each had heavy books and full folders to haul up with them, as well as the vast array of gadgets Pebbles had retrieved. When they returned to the reception, Rex emptied a rucksack he found under a desk and crammed the books into it. He then managed to fit all of the gear in after them. He then slung it on his shoulders and waited for someone to open the door for them.

Rex’s mind raced with what he had just seen. Another beast? A research centre dedicated to the monsters? Many more species of the animals? It all seemed impossible. Bu it also seemed Father Fynn would be the one to help them, if he could see them.

It was time for Rex to meet his hero.

The End

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