Chapter 3

Pebbles awoke not long after she had been healed. Her lungs ached as if she had not breathed for a long while and her stomach was covered in blood, the jacket she was wearing torn open. Upon inspecting the ripped material, she found no scar underneath. Then the attack came back to her all at once. Sitting up straight, she glanced around warily. The night was still dark but the fog had lifted. Rex was sitting a few metres away from her.

“Rex. I thought you and I were dead” Pebbles whispered, not wanting to frighten Rex.

“The funny thing is, we were. You were gone, no heartbeat, not breathing. I saw your soul leave your body. I brought it back to you”. Rex spoke in small quick sentences.

“I was dead?” Pebbles queried “and you brought me back to life?”

Rex nodded gravely. Even though he was never cocky or big-headed, he admitted to himself what he had done was a talent like no other.

“Well, if that beast was real, so are you” Pebbles yawned “but where are the scars. I saw that thing rip into my stomach, surely there would be a mark”.

“When I returned your soul, your wounds healed” Rex

explained “and that thing was about to finish us both of when I heard a voice, a voice coming from nowhere, it was shouting at the beast and it left. Pebbles, someone else knows about this, possibly has a talent like mine”

“Since there is no proof of the attack, not even a photo, I suppose we could dismiss this for now. Don’t tell anyone, not until we have seen someone else, perhaps the person you heard, who was it?” Pebbles decided.

“I don’t know” Rex admitted.

“Ok, it’ll come to you, now let’s go” Pebbles said.

“But the body” Rex reminded her.

“Rex, we were just attacked by what can only be described as a Hellhound. I died and you brought me back to life even though that thing practically ripped me in half. Do you really think anyone will believe that? We need evidence, not just a body” Pebbles uttered gravely.

“Can we at least go and find the body, to be sure what happened actually happened?” Rex asked politely. Pebbles agreed the whole experience seemed unreal, and a bit of solid proof would put their minds at rest; well at least assure them they weren’t going crazy.

Walking back across the Moor, Rex and pebbles were both aware of the risks they were taking. The beast may well have left them, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t find them again, or that it wasn’t already stalking them.

When the duo made it back to the rotten tree, they searched the ground for the skeleton. Nothing.

Then Rex spotted a glint of white. 

“Only a finger left” Rex groaned “that thing must have

returned and eaten the bones”

A finger was solid enough proof for Pebbles.

“This is beyond insane”.


Rex and Pebbles managed to make it to the boundaries of Bodmin Moor without any other problems. Everyone who had seen the pair off had returned home, as it must have been early hours of Wednesday morning.

“Go home and don’t tell anyone until we’ve sorted this out” Pebbles instructed.


When Rex found his way home, he was surprised to find the front door was locked. Although it was very early in the morning, everyone knew he would be coming home later than usual. He fished his key out of his trouser pocket and silently opened the door, not wanting to wake anyone up.

He spied Captain in the corner of the living room, sleeping on a cushion and twitching in his sleep. Tiptoeing up the stairs, a wave of nausea and tiredness came over him, and he was glad when he finally threw himself onto his bed after making his way down the long hallway. As soon as his head hit the pillow, his eyes locked shut and he drifted into a dreamless sleep.


When Rex awoke from the peaceful undisturbed sleep he had enjoyed, he almost jumped in surprise when he found himself laying on a sofa rather than his bed. He had never seen the sofa before and, when he looked around what was supposed to be his room, he found his bed, his books, his drawers and his computer had all gone. They had been replaced by an office-looking room containing only the sofa Rex had slept on and a small television. Rex looked up to the ceiling to find his TV had also gone.

So beside himself with shock, Rex didn’t bother trying to find his school clothes, so stayed in his jeans and green jumper he had slipped on the previous day. Making his way downstairs, Rex realised both Raptor and Frankie were up, and that he had not heard any arguments yet. When he walked into the kitchen he saw both of his siblings tucking into a plate of bacon. Neither of them looked up to acknowledge his presence. Not even his mother, who sat over by her normal place next to the oven, looked up to him.

“What’s for breakfast, bacon I presume?” Rex queried. Jess didn’t look up, nor did Raptor or Frankie.

“Hello? Am I talking to myself here?” Rex tried again. Still no reaction.

“If this is some kind of joke, it’s over” Rex said. No one listened. Fed up with being ignored, Rex went over to the oven and placed two strips of bacon on a plate. He then took his place next to Frankie and ate silently. Rex jammed his elbow into Frankie’s ribs, to try and get a reaction. None came.

But what happened to Rex’s elbow was even more alarming; his elbow went straight through Frankie and disappeared into him, as if Rex was a ghost.

“Awesome visual affects Frankie” Rex smiled, becoming more and more concerned by the minute.

Frankie continued his meal in silence, never once even looking in Rex’s direction. Rex became more and more worried by the minute, wondering how long his family could possibly keep the act up. When he had finished his bacon, Frankie slid from his chair and sauntered over to the dishwasher and, after slotting his plate into it, wandered off into the living room. Raptor carried on eating his own breakfast until he too had finished.

“I’m gonna ignore you” Rex protested as Raptor brushed past him, causing Rex to disappear into his body “seems everyone has special affect”

Annoyed by the practical joke that was being played on him; Rex got up and smashed his plate heavily onto the oven, hoping the CRASH it made would alert his mother. No reaction.

“Mum where is al of my stuff?” Rex insisted “because if you have thrown it away, I’m moving in with pebbles”. The threat sounded weak even to him, and he was almost relieved when

Jess continued to ignore him.

“Mum, I need my stuff for school” Rex repeated, desperation lining his tone.

Jess was still unaware of his presence.

“Mum, my stuff!” he yelled “my books, my bed, my TV, my bookcase, my office area! It’s all gone and now there is nothing but a sofa and a crappy TV up there!”

Rex growled with anger, and decided if anyone wasn’t playing a trick on him, it would be Captain.

Walking slowly into the living room, afraid at what might

happen, Rex whistled loudly.


The scruffy mongrel was lounging next to the sofa, stretching his legs and arching his back in an attempt to wake up. But the blonde dog wasn’t paying any attention to its master.

“Captain, come here and I’ll give you a treat” Rex promised. Captain refused to answer and lay back into a comfy position.

“Wake up you lazy mutt!” Rex shouted, anger once again rising in his throat. But the dog continued with its slumber, and the only reaction Rex received was a loud snort.

“Sometimes I think this family hates me” Rex said.


Pebbles had received the same ignorant treatment as Rex had. When she returned home on Wednesday morning, her parents were up and watching TV. She sat down next to them, apologizing for her lateness and watched TV with them. When they went to bed, they didn’t say goodnight or tell her to go to bed, they just ignored her. Confused by their strange behaviour, pebbles went upstairs to find her room changed into a spare room, with all of her stuff replaced by cabinets. Even more confused than before, Pebbles decided she must have been so tired she had wandered into the office room by mistake. But she settled down on the rug next to the door anyway, too sleepy to move.

When she woke up the next morning, she realised she was late for school. Getting up and quickly making her own

breakfast as usual, Pebbles questioned her mother about the changed room. Her mother ignored her.

“Where’s my school stuff?” Pebbles then asked as she went into the conservatory to find her bag gone. No reply.

Her mother seemed completely unaware of her existence.

“MUM!!!” Pebbles had wailed continually. She even threw a shoe at her mother. It landed short. Pebbles walked up to her mother and patted her on the back, to try to get a reaction. Her hand went right through her mother’s body, as if she was a ghost.

“Mum what’s going on?” she asked. No reply. Looking at the time to find it was well past nine o’clock, pebbles got into the car without her stuff, still dressed in her scruffy and bloodied clothes. Her mother remained in the house.

“Mum, school” Pebbles said. Still no reply.

“MUM!” pebbles shouted again. Pebbles was getting worried.  

In the end, she jumped atop her bike and rode as quickly as she could to school, wondering if Rex had suffered the same experience.  

The End

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