It's Complicated.Mature

Before he had passed out – was that Sara's voice he had heard? It couldn't have been. She was dead, thoughts had raced in his mind before he blacked out. He was strangely at peace right now, where was he? He had been knocked out for a few days and he finally woke up. When he woke up, he wasn't at the scene or is own apartment. Where was he? He felt around his body, he was wrapped up in a white sheet and his gear was gone. Where had his gear gone and most importantly, where in god's name was he? He pulled back the sheet to reveal most of his upper torso had been tapped up. Both of his arms had been tapped up and he was in pain. He could barely move.

The masked man and Sarah's voice, that is all he remembered and it was running through his head.

Where the hell am I?” Shawn asked.

Safe.” Sarah said, she walked from the kitchen into the bedroom. It was her bedroom, it was her bed that he had been sleeping in for the passed few days. She had two drinks in her hand, one for him and one for her. He turned to look at her, he was in shock and disbelief. Sarah handed him the cup, his hands shook a little but he took it and sipped on it. It had a slight minty feeling and he looked down at the cup.

What's this?” Shawn asked as he looked over to Sarah.

Something to ease the pain. You probably won't be able to get back up on your feet for a few days.” Sarah said, she looked over at Shawn and sipped what was in her cup. It was a mix of coffee, vodka, baileys and some jack daniels. She didn't really know how to break this to him.

A few days?” Shawn asked, he sipped the drink and looked over at her. “I've never been really patient.” His eyes were still fixed on her. How could she be alive? The boat went down with her and Oliver on it. He grieved for her, he went crazy because of her. Ever since that day, he has never been the same. He dressed up in a hood every night, to honor her. To protect the people of the city, she had been here all this time? Couldn't she have notified him or something?

How long have you been here?” Shawn asked, he looked over to Sarah.

A few months.” Sarah answered, she looked back at Shawn and gulped for a moment. She had heard that tone in his voice before, he wasn't happy. He had no right to be happy, she glanced down at her cup. “I wanted to tell you – “ Sarah looked over at Shawn. She couldn't finish what she was going to say.

But?” Shawn asked.

I thought it'd be too dangerous, you see the kind of guys I attract.” Sarah said, she was referring to Slade and his army of super humans.

There was a long pause and Sarah looked down at her cup again, she finally set it down on the nightstand beside of the bed.

I've got to go. “ Sarah asked, she looked at Shawn.

Where?” Shawn asked, his eyes still locked on her.

Work, I work for Ollie's club.” Sarah said, she knew this wasn't a good subject to talk about with him. She knew how he felt about Oliver and probably blamed him for her 'death' it was no one's fault. She had survived.

Of course.” Shawn said, he continued to sip his drink. He looked to Sarah and tried to smile, the way he had smiled before when they were teenagers. “I don't think I'm going anywhere.” He took a drink out of the cup that she had given him.

Sarah smiled and walked out of the room, she didn't expect to see him when she got back from the club. He had always been a stubborn asshole, he did care about her. That is what made this so hard for her. Should she really leave him alone? She sighed as she left the apartment. 

The End

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