I'm The Monster.Mature

The relationship between Sara Lance and Shawn Watson.

Six Years Earlier

You know he's just using you to get back at your sister.” Shawn said, he puffed on his cigarette as he looked at Sara Lance.

You know, these things are going to kill you.” Sara said, she walked over to Shawn and took the cigarette out of his mouth, puffed on it and then gave it back to Shawn, she watched Shawn put the cigarette back in his mouth.

The two had been friends since Shawn moved to Starling City, they were both young and stupid. Shawn and Sara were so impulsive, he had taken the role of the other brother to Sara. Sure, she had Laurel. Shawn wasn't above starting a fight to protect Sara. That was the kind of a person he was, he wasn't going to let her go off and do something stupid. He knew there was no way of stopping her from doing what she was going to do tonight. She was stubborn and thick headed. The two had been outside on The Lance's porch, Shawn finished up the cigarette and threw it in a dirted area of the driveway, the sound of a car was approaching. Shawn leaned up against the outside wall, crossed his arms as he watched the car enter the driveway. A sigh of releif, it wasn't Laurel's boyfriend, Oliver Queen. Just Detective Lance.

Shawn looked over towards Sara, and he than turned his attention to Quientin Lance, the father of both Sara and Laurel. “So does he know?” Shawn asked as he motioned towards her father.

No, and your gonna keep your mouth shut.” Sara said as she looked at Shawn. Shawn just smirked and shook his head from side-to-side. What a woman, she was going to get herself killed one of these days. She had always gotten bullied and that is when there relationship started, he liked to fight and it seemed like she was always getting into trouble.

Don't do anything stupid, Sara.” Shawn said, he looked at Sara with a stern look on his face. “You know I love you.” Shawn said, he leaned in right next to her ear. It was meerely a whisper, no one else could hear it. If Detective Lance had gotten wind of this, he would have a shit fit and Laurel probably would never be able to forigve Sara. He knew how Sara was, she walked the edge of a tight rope all the time. She was the way his sister was when she was alive, Shawn did tend to think about her from time-to-time. He tried not to, he didn't want to get too depressed. If anything happened to Sara, he didn't know what he would do. He would probably go crazy with grief or something equally bad. For the most part he was quiet and shy, he was neither of those things when he was around Sara. There was something about that woman that brought him to life, he didn't know what it was and he couldn't put his finger on it.

Sara smiled as she took out her cell phone and started texting Oliver back on it. It looked like Oliver wanted to meet up soon, she could never say no to him. He was so handsome and rich. He was also Laurel's boyfriend, she had always had a thing for Oliver ever since they meet. It had been a cute and shy crush at first, it had devolped into something more. She was kinda surprised that it had taken this long for them to realize they had feelings for one another. She was trying to respect her sister's love for Oliver, but she couldn't hold it in anymore. There was something about Oliver that made her feel safe.

I'm going to meet him at the docs in about two hours.” Sara said, she giggled as she pushed the cell phone back into the back pocket of her jeans. She was all smiles, she kinda hoped that Shawn understood what she was going through. Shawn was one of her bestfriends and they had been through a lot. There was something on Shawn's mind, she could sense it. He wasn't the type to open up about what was on his mind, Sara smiled and laughed to herself. Him and Ollie were the same in that aspect. Oliver would never tell her what was on his mind and it pissed her off half of the time. Either way, Shawn and Ollie were two very caring guys that she loved with all of her heart. He would never want to see Shawn or Ollie hurt.

Sara!” Quinton yelled, Sara's father Quinton Lance would out onto the porch and saw her daughter and Shawn hanging out on the porch. “Dinner's ready, honey.” Quinton said and he turned his attention to Shawn. “Hey, Shawn.” Quinton added. “Oh, See you later, Sara.” Shawn said and turned to look back at Quinton. “Later, Mr. Lance.” Shawn said as he walked off of the porch and down the driveway and vanished around the corner. “He's nice, why don't you date him, honey?” Quinton asked as he looked at Sara. “Oh, dad.” Sara said, she shook her head and put her arm around her father as they walked back into the house together.


Present Day

Crime ran rampant through Starling City and no one was doing anything about. The Arrow was trying to help the city, he was just one man though. He placed the cigarette in his mouth, he stayed pearched on the edge of the building. He had pulled the mask down over his face, his mouth was exposed. He blew the smoke out of his mouth, a few minutes later he finished the cigarette and he threw it off the top of the building. Something was supposed to go down tonight. Count Vertigo was supposed to be here to sell some of his poison to the world. He really did hate drug dealers, he hated the people who made the drugs even more. It was all poison and he would flush all the poison out of this city.

That is how his sister died, she had over doesed on some drugs at a party. He blamed himself for her death, he couldn't get over it. It was something he would never be able to get over fully, he knew he had to push on and live his life. That is what she would want, it was what everyone would want for their own loved ones. When would that piece of shit be here? He was feeling a bit angry tonight, he needed to get his frustrations out on the scum of Starling City. He didn't live in Starling City, he was from The Glades but that didn't mean he was just going to watch the city burn. Why couldn't these creeps show up when they were supposed to?

There was someone down below, it didn't look to be Count Vertigo. It looked to be some women on a bike, she looked to be in black leather and getting off of a motorcycle. Who was that? Could it be one of Count Vertigo's goons? He watched her closer. She had something in her hands, it was a bo-staff. He chuckled and shook his head, he thought he was the only one who carried one of those things. A few minutes passed and a large van pulled up and then another van pulled up. It looked like it was almost show-time and then an SUV pulled up. His eyes went wide as he watched Count Vertigo climb out of the SUV and thugs pilled out of the two vans. It looked like The Count was talking to the thugs and that is when he saw the woman attack the thugs.

Shit!” He exclaimed. He jumped from the edge of the building down to the fire escape. He ran down the fire escape for about three floors and he than jumped down into the alley way and he then looked around and extended his own bo-staff and jumped into the frey and he used his own staff to knock a few of the thugs out. He than saw Count Vertigo and went after him, he let the woman take care the rest of the thugs. He jumped behind of Count Vertigo and started choking him with his bo-staff.

Now, you get flushed like the poison you are!” Shawn growled. Within a few seconds he felt himself hit with an electric shock. It was the woman, she had hit him with some sort of emp bomb that formed him to be paralyzed for a few moments. He saw Count Vertigo get away, he looked at the woman and within a few moments he was able to move again. The woman walked infront of him, she had a mask on as well and blonde hair. She was Starling City's newest Vigilante, The Canary.

I don't know who you are or where your from, but we don't work like that here.” The Canary said, she looked at the man in the mask. There was something familiar about him, his actions. Something about him tugged at her past, she took her bo-staff and rested against her right shoulder. She watched him grab his own bo-staff, there was darkness in his eyes and she could see it. This wasn't going to end well and she knew it, she knew how to fight and that was one of the things she had learned being this heroine. You always had to defend yourself.

You let him get away!” Shawn growled, he had his staff in his hand and he held it her throat. “Who the hell do you think you are, telling me how I should handle things in this town?!” He growled. He watched the woman just look at him, she had a smirk on her face. That pissed him off even more, he just wanted to hit somebody tonight. He saw this woman, she was in his way. She needed to get out of the way. He wasn't in a good mood and it was going to end bad tonight. Shawn releaxed his bo-staff and then turned to walk away from the woman.

Killing him won't make you feel better.” The Canary said, she watched him stop in his tracks and then turn around and walk back over to her.

You know what's kept me alive this past few years? The thought of that motherfucker dying. The thought of being able to flush that POISON out of my city!” Shawn growled as he looked at her.

That isn't the way to protect this city, you kill him. What does that make you? No better than the criminals your trying to fight.” The Canary said, she had got a good glimpse of his eyes. She gasped for a minute, those eyes. She has seen those eyes before or so she thought she had. They could just be the same color of her friend's eyes from the past. If it was true, if it was HIM what caused him to transform into such a monster.

Don't show up in MY CITY and tell me HOW TO DEFEND IT!” Shawn growled, he looked at her. He took a hard long at her, he than heard someone else in the area. Had someone else showed up. He heard someone land next to The Canary and he looked up and saw The Arrow, Starling City's Vigilante.

Your too reckless, sloppy. Your gonna get yourself and other people hurt.” The Arrow said, he looked over at The Masked hero. “Well look who it is, The Arrow. Nice for you to show up, the party is over. “ Shawn said, he than walked away and disappeared into the night.

Sara, you okay?” Oliver asked, he took off his mask. He noticed a look on her face, it looked like she had seen a ghost. He didn't know how he was supposed to respond to her like. “You look like you just saw a ghost.” Oliver added, he was concerned about Sara's well being.

I might have, Ollie.” Sara said, she didn't really know how to explain this to Oliver. How could you stare into the eyes of an unknown man and see someone you knew in the past and had no idea who they were. She had a feeling that man behind the mask was him, she had a feeling that the man behind the mask was Shawn. If that was true, why would he have became on of Starling City's Vigilantes? She hasn't seen him for at least six years. Her eyes went wide. If that was Shawn, did she cause this? “I'll be fine, Oliver. I'll meet you back at Verdant.” Sara added, she gave Oliver a smile and kissed him on the cheek. She watched Oliver disappear into the night as well. She was made a killer by Ra's Al Ghul and a hero by Oliver Queen.


The Next Day

Shawn was trying to wrap his head around all the stuff that happened last night, who was that woman in the leather and the bo staff? He leaned up against a wall and smoked his cigarette. He blew the cigarette smoke out of his mouth and threw the rest of the cigarette on the ground and stepped on it to put it. He hated having too many questions and not enough answers. He was going to try and go after Count Vertigo again tonight, he was going to have to do some research tonight. He knew there was a club nearby and it was never too early for a drink.

This world needs more heroes, most of the time he felt like he wasn't really making a difference. He fished his smart phone out of his pockets and checked out. Nothing on the normal tip lines for crimes. Maybe The Glades were having a slow day. Or the criminals were just getting smarter, he doubted that. He walked over to his motorcycle and he mounted it and put his cell phone in the center console and it hooked up to a screen in the middle of the bike's windshield. A grin formed on his face as he pushed a button and the motorcycle came to life.

He had been pushing himself to the limit lately, between work and trying to protect the city. He never slept anymore, guessed that is what you got for actually trying to make a difference. He revved the motor a few times and he than took off on his bike, down the road. He was weaving in and out of traffic. A few people had honked at him while he did this, a few flipped him off and he passed a long limo. It was The Queen Consolidation Limo, most likely transporting THE CEO's back to the company after a long brunch with clients or costumers.

It was pathetic how hard he had to work to make ends meet and how The Queens just seemed to have the best of everything. He growled to himself as he reached the club, he knew it was Oliver Queen's club, or it used to be. He thought it was ran by his little sister, Thea at the moment. Who knew, ownership in The Queen Family was very odd. Maybe next week the club would be owned by their dog, Fluffy. He chuckled to himself as he found a parking spot and parked his bike and took his phone and shoved it into his pocket.

Shawn walked into the club and walked over to the bar and sat down. He fished out his wallet, he put some money down on the beer and looked at the woman behind of the bar. She looked to have either brown or blonde hair. He wasn't really paying attention. “Whiskey, Rocks.” Shawn demanded. The woman behind of the bar looked at Shawn and then quickly grabbed the whiskey and put some ice in the glass, put it down infront of him and took the money. Shawn looked at her for a few moments and he shook his head. She reminded him of someone. It couldn't be here, he hasn't seen her in over five years. It couldn't be Sara Lance, more people came into the club. It looked like it was the youngest Queen, it was Thea. A smirk formed on his face as he shook his head. This day just kept on getting better.

He ordered another drink and layed the money down on the bar, a few seconds later he had another drink. Many times he thought about her, Sara. Where was she? Why did she have to be dead? A lot of the times he thought that he had seen her around town. He shook his head from side to side, he must be going crazy. He gulped down his drink and than put the glass down on the bar. What was going to happen next, he watched Thea Queen walk through a mob of people and disappear into the back of the club.

The blonde haired woman and Thea were talking, whispering about something. They both caught Shawn looking at them, he shook his head and looked down at his empty glass. It was just interesting how things were working out. Above his right eye, there were cuts from the other night. Fighting people wasn't easy and neither was patching youreslf up because of it. He did wished he had someone to stitch him up at home, he was a loner though. He didn't need anyone's help, he was on his own and that is how it was always going to be. He wouldn't have it any other way, he did wonder how the rest of his family in Mass was doing, they did cross his mind every so often. He knew they didn't care much and he knew he was a freak for how he felt and what he was doing.

Shawn got up and disappeared outside, he took out a pack of cigarette and took one out and placed it in his mouth. He puffed on it while standing under a street light, he looked around. The area seemed dead. It was funny, inside of the club it was packed like usual. Must be good to be the kings and queens of the city. He was just a peasant, a peasant that was trying to make a difference, he didn't know what kind of difference he was making. He needed to push himself harder, he was going to clean up this city no matter what. People probably thought he needed saving, no the world need saving. He just wanted to be that vessel that could save it.

If you saw me today, Sara. What would you say to me? Probably just give me some sort of lecture, like you always did.” Shawn Said, he closed his eyes and continued to puff on his cigarette.


Sara had pushed her way through the majority of the crowd, following Shawn to the door. She had gotten Thea to cover the bar for a little while. She had watched Shawn walk outside, she wondered if she should follow him outside or just let him be. She didn't really want to reveal herself to him too soon, she had thought about not revealing herself to him at all. Doesn't he deserve to know she's alive? She was very confliced about it. Maybe big sister, Laurel would know what to do. She didn't really like having to turn to Laurel for anything or anyone for that matter.

She didn't have the time to go chase after ghost, she and Oliver had to deal with Slade. That man was tearing this city apart, she just really wondered if that was Shawn. If it was, she didn't know what she was going to do. She walked through the door and it seemed like Shawn had disappeared. Where could a man like that go and just disappear like that? She never knew how he could do that. It was just a natural gift of his, she guessed. She kinda wanted to talk to him in a way, wanted to see if he was okay or not. With her “Dying” she didn't think he would be okay. No one was okay with her when she 'came back from the dead' everyone had accepted her back except for Laurel.

You were always good at disappearing, Shawn.” Sara said.

Right now her thoughts were every where except for what she was doing. Could that man in the hood have been Shawn? She knew his past. If it was Shawn, he would surely show up in the same spot again. It looked like she had something to do after her shift was over, she needed to make sure it was him for sure. The city was big, he could have gone anywhere. Something startled her, the sound of an engine reving coming from the parking lot. She turned her head to look towards the parking lot. A motorcycle screeched out of the parking lot and darted for the road, she smelled cigarette smoke.

A cigarette but rolled right under her right foot. It was still burning and she looked down, closed her eyes and she could hear herself telling Shawn that the cigarettes were going to kill him. It didn't seem that long ago though, that they were on the porch at her fathers and her and Shawn were hanging out and just talking about everything. The last night she had seen him, it was the night that she got on the boat with Oliver and her life started a turn for the worst. She had went through hell to get back her to Starling City, now she was chasing a ghost. It was almost poetic how things were happening, she heard the door to Verdant open and turned around. It was Oliver.

You okay?” Oliver asked, he walked up behind of her.

Yeah.” Sara said, she nodded and kicked the cigarette butt into the street. “You remember Shawn, right?” Sara asked as she turned around and looked at Oliver.

Yeah, the guy who you always hung around with. He lived down the street from you and Laurel.” Oliver said. “Why?” Oliver asked.

I think he's the man in the hood from last night.” Sara said, she looked over to Oliver.

What?” Oliver asked.

It's a long shot, I know. “ Sara said, he looked over at Oliver. “I'm going back to where we meet the other hood tonight. I'm going alone, Ollie. If it's Shawn, he won't hurt me.” Sara said, she looked at Oliver.

If it isn't?” Oliver asked. “Then what?”

I'm a big girl.” Sara chuckled a bit, punched Oliver's arm softly. “I can take care of myself, I'm a Lance.” Sara added, her and Oliver walked back into Verdant.


Slade Wilson was sitting at his desk when Count Vertigo and his thugs entered.

Your late.” Slade said, he was back to Count Vertigo and the thugs, his hands were folded on his lap and he slowly turned around to face the man he had hired to poison Starling City's water supply with The Vertigo drug. He was very displeased with what had happened that night.

Sorry, Mr. Wilson. We ran into a problem.” Count Vertigo said, he looked at Slade.

Canary and The Arrow?” Slade asked.

No, The Canary and someone new. “ Count Vertigo said.

New? Explain.” Slade said, he was interested now. There had never been any other vigilantes in the city except for Arrow and The Canary and he knew who they were. Oliver Queen and Sara Lance. A new vigilante might actually be useful to him or pose a threat, he wasn't sure right now. Only time would tell that.

He was dressed in all black, a hood, mask under the hood and a cape. Agressive, vry aggressive. If it wasn't for The Canary he would have killed me.” Count Vertigo explained.

Guy would have done me a favor.” Slade said, he glanced over to Count Vertigo and smirked a bit. “You know what, your going back there tonight and your doing it right this time. Don't worry, I'll accompany you this time.” Slade said.

He dismissed Count Vertigo and the rest of the thugs. It was getting very interesting, another vigilante. What did this one want? Revenge? He could give this vigilante revenge. Revenge was something that he was really good at. If he could get this guy on their side. He'd be a perfect tool to bring both Oliver and Sara down and that would complete his own revenge for what had happened to Shado on the island. It would be very interesting to see what this vigilante could do first hand, it would prove to be a nice warm up match for him.


The Dark Hood was on watch, he was perched at the same place he was last night. He smoked his cigarette as he watched the street below. There was nothing happening now, maybe their would be something happening in a little while. He knew it was going to be one of those slow nights, The Glades was a hot bead for all the evil things that happened in the city. After the quake everything had went to shit. He continued to puff on his cigarette. He had almost finished the cigarette, he had it still lit in his mouth, he then heard someone approaching him from behind.

You know those things are going to kill you one day.” The Canary said, she had her bo-staff in her right hand as she walked over and stood next to him. Her eyes looked at him from beneath her mask. To her, he seemed to much like Shawn, didn't know if it was him but she guessed only time would tell. If it really was Shawn, there would be a way to get him talking and she knew those ways very well. She watched him for a few more moments before turning her attention to the streets down below.

Funny, I've been told that before. I'm not dead yet.” The Dark Hood said, he finished the cigarette and put it out on the roof top. He wasn't dead physically, emotionally that was another story. He wasn't the type to just go blurb his feelings to a random stranger. There was something about her, the blonde hair. It reminded him of Sara. He couldn't think about Sara right now, she was gone. Dead or otherwise, he felt like he had gone crazy. He's been seeing her all around Starling City.

Why do you just keep watch over this place, Sh-- uh.. Whatever your name is.” The Canary asked, she looked over at him.

It's a long story.” The Dark Hood said, he looked down towards the ground. His mind flashbacked to the night that he had lost her, the night his sister had been torn away from him. He couldn't bare to think about it right now. He looked over towards The Canary, he could see sympathy or empathy in her eyes. Those eyes. He's seen those eyes before, they've haunted his dreams so many times. It couldn't be, she was dead. The only other person that had held him together so many times. She was dead.

It's okay.” The Canary said, he placed her hand on the side of The Dark Hood's face. She didn't know why she did it, it felt right at the moment. She could feel the energy rushing through her hand. That energy, the only person that could make her feel energy like that was Shawn. They had a connection, a weird connection. There wasn't a way she could explain it. There friendship was unique, at times she thought of Shawn as a brother, a friend, and someone she could be intimate with every so often. Not sexually, but just intimate.

Whoever you think I am, I'm not them.” The Dark Hood said, he pulled away from The Canary. He watched the woman's hand drop to her side, he couldn't be the man she wanted him to be. It was true, that man had disappeared years ago. One thing about him, he learned how to adapt to change. The ever changing way of the world, it was a bit easy for him to adapt to change now. He knew what he had to do to protect this place and the people he loved. He would never get involved with other people, just because of the life he leads. It would just be too dangerous to be involved with another person.

Shawn had noticed that Count Vertigo and his army of drug dealers had arrived. Without thinking he jumped down onto the fire escape, ran down the fire escape and started to attack the drug dealers.

Hood!” The Canary screamed, she shook her head and did the same thing as Dark Hood did. By the time she got down there, The Dark Hood had knocked out nearly everyone of Count Vertigo's drug dealers. She looked over towards The Dark Hood and he could see him huffing, he was out of breathe and he was clutching his bo-staff tightly.

That was a little too easy. “ The Dark Hood said, he looked over towards The Canary. “Kinda feels like a – “ The Canary said. The Dark Hood saw more men surrounding both him and The Canary. “A trap..” The Dark Hood added, he got back-to-back with The Canary.

Any plancs, Birdie?” The Dark Hood asked.

Birdie?” The Canary asked.

Yeah, your The Canary, a birdie, tweet-tweet.” The Dark Hood said, formed a smirk.

Only someone like you would joke while we are in danger.” The Canary said, shook her head. “Drop your restraints.” The Canary added.

Good thing I don't have any.” The Dark Hood said, he smirked.

Both of them were in the fight of their lives, it could end tonight. Both of their lives were on the line for Starling City. The Dark Hood was looking for vengenace, lots of vengeance. His sister had died in this very same spot and all he wanted to do was avenge her death. All the drugs in her system, he could still see her face. It haunted him everyday, he couldn't do anything back then and she was dead.

The Dark Hood was the first attack, he went in full bore. He wasn't going to let them bring him down. The masked men came after him, The Dark Hood came after them even harder. He hit a few of them in the head with his staff, they fell down to their knees. It didn't seem to stop them much. He jumped over a few of them, he let some of his kinetic energy fly from his finger tips. It shocked them, it seemed to just piss them off. He took a few projectiles out of his pouch and charged them with his energy and threw them at the masked men. On impact the projectiles exploded and one by one the masked men went down.

One of the masked men picked up The Dark Hood by the throat and rammed him through three brick walls. The wall fell down ontop of The Dark Hood and then the masked man went after The Canary who was fending off a bunch of the masked men. This masked man was slightly larger than the rest of them, he walked over to The Canary and grabbed her by the throat.

Sing for me birdie.” He hissed, squeezed tighter on her throat.

F..U..CK... Y..O...U..” The Canary gargled out, the vice on her throat got tighter.

Sara, you know better than that.” Deathstroke taunted, he lifted her higher into the air and then he turned his attention to the pile of rubble that used to be three brick walls.

D...I...D... Y...O...U... Call her, Sara?” A voice called from the rubble, he was still moving and barely alive. He threw the remaining pieces of the walls off of him.

This doesn't concern you, kid.” Deathstroke hissed at the boy.

I thought you died.” The Dark Hood said, he looked at Deathstroke. His own mask had been almost entirely ripped off. The right side of his face was bleeding heavily. He pulled the hood and the mask off.

S..H...A...W...N...?” The Canary asked in a gurgled voice.

Let her go.” The Dark Hood demanded in a weak tone. He took his last amount of energy and intertwined the energy with a throwing knife and threw it at the man that was holding The Canary. On impact it exploded and Deathstroke dropped Canary, with the rest of his energy he ran over to her and covered her. He saw Deathstroke get up and without mercy Deathstroke beat The Dark Hood, and then The Dark Hood blacked out. The last thing he heard was Sara's voice call for him.

The End

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