The honest soldier

I really have no idea!
It just popped in my head. I suppose it's medieval with a modern voice. It explores my ideas of honesty and how i often feel so honest within my own head that i don't know whether i'm just trying to convince myself. Feel free to add to it with a cool story!

"Don't bail on me!"
"Bail on you sir? Why on earth would I ever think of doing that?"
"Everyone else has!"

Everyone else had. It was just a footman and his Commander left now. The rain was tormenting, their hearts pounding, the feet of thunder and mortality reaching out for them.  This wasn't the way Tommy had intended to die, but it was the way he had always intended to live.

"You're a brave man Tommy." The Commanders' steely hand, shaking, reaffirmed itself upon the noble son's young shoulders. "You've proved yourself to be a great, loyal soldier, better than any other."
"Have I?" Hesitated; the boy stared out, into the hazy, forbidding distance. "Or am I just too scared..."
"What is it you are trying to say?" Asked the elder, his grey moustache now drooping with sweat and dirty water.
"If this is going to be the last thing I ever say then at least I'll die an honest man, And if it turns out we, because of some miracle, come out of this alive, then at least I'll live knowing you can always rely on me to tell the truth."
"Go on."
"Really, I must be like all of them who just ran away. I don't want to die. Not today. Not in this weather, in this wood, at this age. I want to live. I want to run away and join the lads and drink till I believe that we're victorious. But I can't. There's some weird force inside of me that's making me stay, stood next to you.  I'm just here. You say that I'm loyal sir. Maybe I am. But I can't help but think I'm scared. Too scared to admit that I'm not the soldier I believe I should be."
The commander's moustache reversed itself and twitched. His aged, tired eyes warmed and glistened in a sharp contrast to the sword that was clutched in his hand.
"I know," he said, re-clasping the armour on his arms, "I'm scared too. But I think it's time you should realise that you are better than the soldier you've always believed you should be, and embrace within you, the great knight that you are."

The commander and the boy stepped forward. Closed their helmets and stood for one final free moment.

"Yes, Tommy?"
"If I don't make it, don't leave me, I don't want to be forgotten."
"Of course I won't Tommy, I would never do that."





The End

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