A firey apocalypse has obliterated almost all of the world, leaving small colonies of humankind, and large, uncoordinated groups of the undead.
These colonies of humans have inhabited abandoned shopping centres around the world, and began to prepare for the attack of the undead warriors.
This story follows a certain group in England. The leader of this group being a young man, known to the rest of the group as D.

The sunset used to be brilliantly beautiful. I remember when I'd used to watch it, the orange glow and the pink clouds. I used to be mesmerised by its incredible beauty. But now all I saw was a warning. Darkness was creeping in and danger was soon to follow. I'd forgotten all I'd known before this, and I had to re-learn all of my habits, and how to read every sign in life as a danger or a miracle.

I watched the Sun in fond memory as it slowly sunk to the horizon. I was out here to lock up but I couldn't help but watch. I still appreciated its beauty; it just meant something different now.

I shook myself out of my reverie as I turned to pull shut the stubborn doors, and locked the padlock so that it would be almost impossible to open. I slipped the rusty old key back into the pocket of my old cargo trousers. I wiped my grubby hand along my forhead as I walked backwards.


-Not Finished-

The End

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