The Hollow - Chapter 3


“Tave, when are they coming?” My father came close and shoved me out from in front of Tave. He got close to his face.

“Now.” Tave burst into hysterical laughter. He knows his life will be over soon, everything is finally going to his head. My father straightens his back and faces Us three teens. Clove was behind me, and she had been there for awhile. Redness all around her sea blue eyes. She'd been crying, something I could never let myself do.

“Kid's you need to pack a small bag with all the essentials, you need to do it quick. You're running away.” Shocked, I see that it was Lorve, Edge's father. He was behind Tave.

“Lorve, you re-” Lace was interrupted my the T.V. Turning on by itself. Works of The Hollow, they created the system, forcing everyone to see their announcements.

Same picture as before, Blanche behind a desk, she looks serious and intense.

“Hello, people of Tarkette, I Blanche Hollowfall am pleased to inform you that we have found the location of the three missing teens.” She smiles.

“Our workers are on their way to them now. Thank you for your time.” The screen goes black.

It falls silent, no one speaks, my brain is going non stop with questions without answers.

Lorve coughs then speaks.

“We need to get you guys ready, and fast.” I nod. Swallow my fear and hurry to my room to pack.

In my closet my hands fumble to grip the small green backpack that's hidden deep in the back. It falls to the ground, I bend and retrieve it. I go through my closet and grab a sweater and put it on. I grab my most comfy clothes and shove them into the bag. I turn to go to my dresser, when my brother Stone is standing directly behind me. His face is towards the floor. I freeze and let the bag fall from my hands and drop to the ground.

“Stone.” I whisper his name while a tear falls from my eye. I throw my arms around him and let out a small sob, he hugs me back.

“I love you, Glim.” He whispers into my ear tickling it.

“I love you too. More then you will ever know.” I say pulling away facing him. He is crying. I smile and push a lock of hair from his eyes. He smiles.

“Be strong little man.” I say scratching the top of his head.

“You too, miss Glim.” He smiles and reaches down to retrieve my bag, he hands it to me. I hesitate then take it. He leaves the room giving me space to pack. I retrieve all of my important possessions when I spot the necklace Edge had been playing with before. I pick it up to examine it. The chain is made out of silver wire, and attached to it is a purple pendant inside of a silver metal piece. The purple is bright and beautiful. It's definitely old, a family heirloom probably. I shove it into the pocket of my pants. At the door I stop and take one last look at my bedroom. I sigh and leave it behind me. I go out to the kitchen where I see Clove hugging her siblings, crying and telling them how much she loves them. I see Edge singing to his sister her favourite lullaby, tears flowing, his parents watching over.

I look to my right where my parents are standing. Without thinking I race towards them, throwing myself into their arms, I sob and cry more than I have ever in my whole lifetime.

“I don't want to leave you!” I shout between sobs.

“We love you more than anything in the world, and don't you ever forget. Alright!?” My mothers voice is a serious as I have ever heard it. I nod squeezing her as tightly as I can.

“Sweetheart, I need to know that you are going to be strong, for yourself and for Clove and Edge. Don't ever give in, ever! I love you so, much.” My father holds my head in his hands speaking so I can hear him as clear as I can.

“Of course dad. I love you too.” My voice is almost non-existent. My father holds my tightly, I never want him to let go, I don't want to have to leave. He lets go and scratched the top of my head, the same way I did to Stone. My head twists to the right when I hear a sound from outside.

“Their here.” My father pushes past everyone towards the back of the building. Everyone follows him.

He stands in front of a closet, and ordinary closet that holds the vacuum and cleaning supplies.

He throws the doors open and digs all the way to the back. I look over to see that there is a window, a window big enough for a person to fit through. They thought of everything when they made this place.

“Okay, once you get out I want you to run straight, right into the forest that's on the other side of the field. You need to run into the forest as far as you can until you get tired. You have to rest in the forest and eat and sleep. After I need you to go north, until you find and abandoned farm house, that's where your going to hide. Got it?” Lorve talks looking at each one of us in the eyes. I nod.

“Good. Just remember that we all love you.” Bang, bang! The workers are at the front door trying to get in.

“Now go!” Lorve's voice is loud, he gives me a shove to go first. I swallow and go towards the window. I take one last look at my family, and I finally realize how important to me they really are. I look at my mom and she mouth's 'I love you' I smile and hold my heart. I quickly turn around and crawl through the window.

I instantly feel the air of outside. I realize that I am in a rosebush, thorns digging into the palms of my hands, the pain is almost un-bearable, but I know I have to keep going. I crawl and soon I see and long green meadow. The sun beating against it, beautiful. I shake myself back to reality and dart towards the forest on the other side, I don't look back to see if Clove and Edge are behind, all I know is to run, run until I can't anymore. Within a few minutes Edge passes me, I sigh of relief goes through me. I manage to glance back and I see Clove and her blonde locks racing along behind me.


I turn back to face forward when I slam into Edge's back we tumble forward over a log. I roll off of edge onto my back. I lay gazing at the sky, gasping for air. Beside me Edge is doing the same. Out of the corner of my eye I see Clove jogging up to us. She plops down on the log Edge and I tripped over, and breathes.

For once the silence is actually relaxing. Okay so, The Hollow workers are hunting us. We are fleeing out home, making The Hollow people want to find us even more. We could possibly be killed. Everything is terrible.

My body jumps at the sound d of a gunshot, one shot, two, three, four. Four gunshots in the direction of our old home. My heart beats fact and my breathes get smaller with each inhale. The shot them, four of them. Why only four? Why any at all?

I close my eyes and try to wrap my head around what just happened. My throat closes but I know there are no more tears left. The three of us are silent for the longest time, when Clove stands up and lays down between Edge and I. I turn over and wrap my arm around her, and on the other side Edge does the same. We lay intertwined not knowing what is going to happen next.

The End

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