The Hollow - Chapter 2


I freeze, they want us, their going to take us. Whats going to happen? What happens there? All of these questions are going through my mind, I feel the need to cry. My father speaks before I can.

“Well, they are not to leave the house ever, to anyone outside we only have the little ones living here. They are to keep quiet when it's just them here, we can't risk anything.” His words are firm and acceptable. I nod. My mother reaches for me to embrace me, I shake her away. I don't look at anyone while I go back to my room. I shut the door and throw myself onto my bed. I cry, quiet sobs, until I fall asleep.

When I wake up, it is silent, not even the slightest sound. My eyes are sore, and tired still. I force myself up, I loose my balance I fall back onto the bed.

There looking for me. They're going to try and take me. No, not just me, Clove and Edge too. This can't be happening. But of course it is, I had to have happened sometime. Just I wish it wasn't now.

I drop my head into my hands and exhale. I stand up again and go straight for the door. My hand clutches the door knob when I stop. Somebody is talking in the hallway.

I lean in and press my ear against the door. I hold my breath and listen.

“What else can we do? I mean there looking for them specifically.” A woman's voice says, I can't tell who though.

“I don't know. They seem safe right now, no one knows about them being here.” It was my father, I know his raspy voice anywhere.

“But what about Tave? He works for The Hollow, what makes you think he won't tell anyone?” The voice was louder, it was my mothers voice.

“I trust Tave.” His voice was firm.

“I don't know Royce, they could question him. They probably have workers that follow him to see where he goes.” She sounds panicked.

“Don't worry about it hon, we'll be fine. Go and have a nap.”

“Alright.” I hear her footsteps going down the hallway towards her room.

I pull away from the door, my hand still holding the door knob. I hear footsteps coming closer to my room. I throw myself onto my bed and I pretend to be sleeping.

The wooden door creaks open, and I know that my father is standing in the door way watching me.

“Glim?” His voice is a whisper. He steps closer. My face is towards the wall, and hidden from him.

He touches my shoulder.

“Royce!” I hear my mother call. He hesitates then leave's the room.

I turn onto my back and stare up at the ceiling. Tave. Tave brings us news about whats going on in The Hollow, and brings us school textbooks and stuff we can't get ourselves. He keeps us safe in hiding. He would never tell on us. I mean he would get is so much trouble and probably loose his job. Right?

“Glimmer?” I look up to see Edge at the door.

“Yeah?” I sit up.

“Can I come in?” His voice is quiet. I nod, he comes in a plops himself down on the bed.

“Whats up?” I try and talk as if nothings wrong. He has a necklace in his hands that he's twirling in between his fingers, he doesn't look at me.

“What are we supposed to do?” He talks quietly and his attention is on the necklace.

“Well, whatever my dad says I guess.” I act cool and collected. He stops twirling the necklace and faces me.

“Glimmer, I'm scared.” His voice is serious. I glance down, avoiding eye contact, I can't deal with eye contact right now.

“I know Edge. Me too.” I admit it I am scared to death and I don't have any idea how things are going to turn out. I don't want anyone to die, or get hurt because of this.

“Glimmer, I need you to promise me something. Can you do that?” He reaches out for my hand, his hands are cold. I nod.

“We don't leave each other, not even Clove. The three of us have to stay together. Alright?” He is totally serious.

“Of course.” I reply softly. I don't want either of them to leave me. I can't be alone at this point.

Our heads bolt up when we hear shouting in the living room. I face Edge and he does the same. We spring from the bed and go towards the living room.

I stop as soon as I enter the room. Tave is there, his head is gushing blood onto the floor.

“What's going on?” I manage to spit out. My head is spinning and my vision is fuzzy. This can only mean one thing, Tave revealed where we are. My heart is pounding uncontrollably.
“Tave!” I yell. Tears are forming in my eyes, I can barely stand up.

Tave exhales, he slowly lifts his head to face me. The gash on his forehead is deep and there is no way to save him, he's not going to make it.

He manages a smile.

“ You're a good kid Glimmer. You'll make it far in life, I know it.” His words stun me. Why is he saying this? What is going on!?

“Tave! What is going on?” I grab onto the collar of his shirt and hold his face only a few inches from mine. He chuckles, spitting blood into my face.

“Glimmer, don't you know? Their coming for you.”

The End

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