The Hollow

When Glimmer Almondtree is in hiding with two other teenagers, from an evil place where all teenager are forced to go once they turn thirteen. No one knows what happends there, or if the teens ever get out. Once Glimmer finds that she being hunted, she knows she needs to find a way out....


As soon as you become a teenager, they take you. No exceptions ever. Thirteen is the age that they hunt you down and take you away. No one knows where, or what happened after you get taken. I am Glimmer Almondtree, I am fifteen and haven't been taken yet. I am breaking all rules, and they're looking for me.


“Glim?” My mothers voice wakes me up. I sit up and smile at her. I love my mother, she is everything to me. She is tall and slender, her eyes are the colour of the sky on a cloudless night. Her hair is golden like the sun. She is the most beautiful person I have seen in my entire life. She is everything to me.

She smiles back at me.

“Breakfast.” She whispers, he eyes move towards my younger brother who is asleep on the other side of the room. I slide the blankets off of my body and hang my feet over the side. I sigh and then stand up. I quietly make my way to the kitchen, attempting not to wake up anybody else who is still awake.

My family and I live in an underground house, we barley see the sun, if that. We live with two other families that are shielding their teenagers from Hollow. The sector of land where the teenagers go. We've been here for two years already, since I turned 13. My older sister had already been taken, today she is 18.

Family A: Lace, mother, 42, complains about everything, and breaks out in tears at least once a day. Lorve, father, 47 keeps to himself unless he is arguing with his son. Edge son,14, eats a lot more than he should and gets into my stuff a lot. Secret,daughter 11, really sweet and has a lot of manners, she has a crush on my brother. Family B. Violet, mother, 36, extremely nice and I talk to her about my feelings because she listens. Basil, father, 40, Tells lame jokes a lot but keeps us all happy most of the time. Clove, daughter, 14, my best friend, I tell her everything even if there is little to tell her. Star and Moon, twin sons, 11, are mischievous and do a lot of stupid stuff that gets them in trouble. I cannot tell the difference between them. Dove, daughter, 6, adorable and seems to have a good sense of everything, she wines a lot though.

Then there is my family. My mother Luna, she is 34,she sings all the time and likes to read and knit sweaters for everyone. My father Royce, 34,married my mother out of high school, he likes to invent weird things and create fun games to play. My brother Stone is 12 and is very quiet and likes to whistle , read, and write songs. He always has an interesting perspective of everything. And there's me I guess, Glimmer, I'm 15, I don't do a lot but sleep and help cook. I throw darts too.

The kitchen is swarming with people running around, making breakfast, when my mother said breakfast she meant that I have to help make it. I shimmy against the wall, avoiding getting into a collision with someone, towards the fridge. There is very little inside of it, the men haven't gone out to get food in awhile, We'll have to make do. I pull out a carton of a dozen eggs and a bottle of orange juice. I close the door of the fridge with my foot and soon notice that my mother has already started making breakfast and has everything that she needs. I exhale angrily and go back to the fridge to shove everything back in.

I go towards my mother and begin cracking eggs.

“So Glim, you dad and I have been thinking about your future.” She starts buttering a slice of toast.

“What do you mean?” I literally have no idea what she means.

“Well I mean whe-”

“There's a special announcement on the T.V!” Edge yells from in front of the T.V.

I wipe my hands on a cloth and watch from behind Clove.

On the television we see a reporter behind a desk. She starts.

“Special message from The Hollow.” The screen goes black than we see Blanche, the president of The Hollow, creator more of less. Her hair is a bleached platinum blonde, and her eyes are a cold grey. She is thin and tall, almost abnormally. Her face also has had some work done on it.

She smiles from behind a desk and speaks.

“Hello, I am Blanche Hollowfall. Today I am here to inform the people of the country that there have been some teenagers who have yet to arrive at The Hollow.” She pauses and shuffles her papers in front of her, she coughs.

“There are reports that there are three teenagers, in hiding. We hove very little information, only that two of them are fourteen and the other is fifteen, two females and one male.” She pauses and starts speaking to someone off camera.

“Oh, I have just been informed their names. Edge Fieldson, male, fourteen. Clove Rastar, female, 14. Then we have Glimmer Almondtree, female, 15. If you have seen or heard of these teens, please contact us immediately, you will be rewarded, with money. Thank you.” She smiles one more time. Edge turns the television off. Great, were being hunted.

The End

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