3rd September.

3rd September, library, midday.

Isobel, Henry(new friend) and I are in the libray, she's looking up some simple spells. Henry aggreed to come along, because we like him and he hasn't made any friends yet.

"Oh if it isn't the HufflePuffs!"Jeered Jake.

Everyone turned to look at him, his sallow skin turned bright red.

"Leave them alone!"Cried Rosie, a ravenclaw.

"Yeah, what've they done to you?" Said Megg, a griffindore.

"Push off mudbloods!"He snapped.

I rran up to him and held my wand up to his throat. He looked scared.

I put it down.

"Never say that again!"I hissed at him. He nodded. and ran off.

I felt so powerful!!! 

The End

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