2nd Spetember

2nd September, Girls' Dorm, 9;00PM.

Today a boy tried to go into the girls' dorm to ask for a spare quill. But the staris turned into a slippery rock slide! It was so funny! We were alll howling with laughter!

We finally learned how to do a charm; wengardium leviosa. It's so cool! You can make things float!!!

Isobel and I have been using it on books, quills, rocks and basically anything we could find!

We also learned how to fly a broom. Were not supposed to have our own. It says so in the letter. So we used the schools spare clean-sweeps.

There nowhere NEAR as fast as the firebolt one thousand! Dad took me to see the quiddich world cup last year and we saw the Ireish riding them! All you could see was green blurs! But Dad got me these binoculars that slowed things down. I forgotten what they are called.

It was the most amazing thing EVER! I don't think I'm very good at it though. But the P.E. teacher said I was amazing. But I think she was just trying to make me feel better.

Ah, well. So, yeah, Hogwarts rules!!!!


The End

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