2nd September

2nd September, home room, midday.

Isobel and I are looking through some spell books, and attmepting to do some simple spells. All have failed. Ah well! Who cares? I don't!!! Haha! We've been learning about eachothers lives, EG; I found out, that muggles have survived so long without magic, because they have this unexplicable thing called, electikery. I think, I probably got it wrong. Oh well. We'll learn about it  in muggle studies tomorrow anyway.

We've made friends with a girl called Olivia. But she's in Griffindore. Never mind. She's nice.

We have also had an encounter with Jake Malfoy...He is so mean! And rude! He says his dad says that muggles shouldn't be let into Hogwarts! Idiot! I told him to stop being so rude and mean, and he told me that even though I was a pure blood, I shouldn't be let into Hogwarts because my family is so stupid and poor! He is really horrible.

So I told professor Kling; our head of house, and he said he'd talk to the Slytherin  head of house; whoose name I don't know. I think Jake has to do three weeks of detention now. HA! Serves him right!

Oh! Isobel just got a spell right...I'm going to try and do it now...Bye!

The End

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