1st September

1st September, Girls Dorm, 11;00PM.

Wow! Hogwarts is sooooooooooo cool!

heres what happened:

We made our way to the great hall. And on a stool was a hat. But it was singing!!!

"Safe Hogwarts is at last,

But poor old Dumbledore had to pass,

The new and old children have gathered today,

to see the sorting!

Griffindore; the brave and worthy! The valliant Griffindore's take those who will stand up to their enimies!

Slytherin; The sly and sneaky! As quick as a serpent! Slytherin's only take winners!

Ravenclaw; The clever and wise! Dressed in blue! Clever as a raven!

HufflePuff; The interesting and unique! They only take the individuals!"

Everyone clapped when the hat had finished. Some people even whooped!

I clapped politley.

The headmisstress; Professor Longbottom(I know!hehe!), tapped his glass and bellowed; "MAY THE SORTING BEGIN!"

A teacher whoose name I did not know, stood up holding a scroll..And we started.

"Jake Malfoy!"She said clearly, a few people muttered. All I know is the Malfoys' have a bad rep here!

 The hat brely touched his slick white hair before the hat shouted; "SLYTHERIN!"

He grinned from ear to ear. And trotted over to the table.

A few peole later:

"Isobel Mallroey!" She gave me a nervouse smile and stepped up and sat on the stool.

"Hmmmm. A very unique mind.....You see things differently from other people....HUFFLEUFF!"

She smiled,  and skipped to the HufflePuff table.

A few MORE people later:

"Kaytlin Moore!"

Okay, breeaaath!

I sat on the stool, feeling VERY scared!

"Hurmmmmm. You have a good mind! you would be a perfect Ravenclaw.....But....No....I know JUST where to put you! HUFFLEPUFF!"

I grinned and sat down next to Isobel.


So that's what happened. To-To is  curled up on my belly and purring loudly. I like it here! I better be getting some sleep-- I've got my very fist lessons omorrow!

More gossip later!!!!


The End

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