1st September

1st September, Hogwarts Express, midday.

I'm in the ONLY empty carridge. Well, there is this girl who fell asleep as soon s the sat down! Hehe


The sweet trolly just came, i got loads of sweets, I put them in my shoulder bag, eating only a few, because I wanna save some for when I get there!

The girl woke up, she's called Isobel Mallroey, she's a muggle born. But she's super cool! She loves my little To-To to bits! She says if were in the same house we can have beds next to eachother!

"I love your cat! Here's MY pet...."She exclaimed, pulling out a little teeny-weeny cage, with a fluffy, baby, white barn owl from her shoulder bag. She smiled when he squeaked. "She's called Bebe!"

"Awww! she's adorable!"I gasped. And after that, we sort of....Clicked. It's like we've known eachother since FOREVER! hehe!

Bebe and To-To are bff's...Even thought he's a cat she Bebe's a owl....Odd!

I hope were in the same house! My family have been in HufflePuff for years on end! She says she wants to go in that house too. I think it's because she wants to stay friends with me. I can't wait!!!

Were going to exchange things about the differences between the wizard and muggle worlds.....

More later!


The End

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