29th August

29th August.

WOW! Diagon ally is SUPER COOL! I got a pet cat, he's black and ginger and I named him To-To. So my Dorothy Doll can have a pet(and me!!!).

I'm all snuggled under my covers, and I got this light up orb from a joke shop.

I'm also listening to Mum reading The Warlocks Hairy Heart to Maxie AGAIN! How can I not? He's on the bed RIGHT next to mine! He doesn't like ANY of the stories from The Tales of Beedle the Bard except that one! It gets really boring listning to Mum read him it EVERY night!

I used to get mum to read me a different one every night, then start again when it had finished!

"Bed time now! You have a very busy day packing tomorrow!"Mum called over to me.

"'Kay."I grumble. And I did! I have to pack my uniform, pack my books, pack my spare clothes, pack spare food for To-To, ect, ect! To-to is now sleeping on the end of my bed.


I pull my head out  from under the covers. And glare at her.

"One sec!"I cried.

"Fine, FIVE. MORE. MINITES!" She snapped and walks off.

I don't like reading books by wizards and witches, I like reading books written by muggles, my fave books are; The princess diaries series and The series of unfortunate events.

In fact, I love ALL books written by the muggle, Meg Cabot!

Oh, yeah, forgot to mention, my wand is dragon scale!!!YIPPIEEEE!

"BED!!!KAYTLIN!!!!"Mum just yelled at me BIG time, night!

The End

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