The Hogwarts Diaries.

Kaytlin Moore has always known she was a witch! I mean, it's not like she's a squib!She's going to Hogwarts! Her big brother Clide went, her EVEN bigger sister Lucy went. Hell, even her parents went! Now it's her turn!
These are Kaytlins diaries of her at hogwarts!

28th August

Maxie, my little brother, has just thrown my Dorothy Doll out of the window. She's all wet and muddy! Mum says she'll clean her up once she's finished feeding the sheep(singular, we only have one).

I don't think she'll be able too, not even with spells! All the muds dried on her.

"Kaytlin!!!!!Bring your Dorothy Doll! I'm going to clean it!!" Mum yelled. Be right back!

28th August, later

Yay! She found the right spell! Dorothy is as good as new!(-ish)! Maxie and I have just been moved into the spare room because Clide and Lucy are coming over to see me off to Hogwarts!!!I'm sooooooo excited! I'm going to Diagon ally this evening! YAY!!! I wonder what wand I'll get? Will it be a dragon scale? or maybe Kelpies tale! Yesssss! I don't need another notebook! I've got LOADS already! Dad got them all when he went on holiday to Cornwall. He went to muggle gift shops and got me some books that say stuff like; Warning, witches spell book! and Open at your peril!

My diary has got the word Spells on it and a pentegram. Its got a pot cover, lavender scented pages and the binding is some string. Well, it's been ripped a couple of times and the pot cover has been glued together alot. But, hey! As long as it's something to write in!

Ohhh! Were going to Diagon ally now! Write soon!

The End

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