An Acorn in the Mouth

And so a cry he howled,
 From low it was increased:
"By stars and signs, That seed I'll find,
From the belly of that beast!"

He wandered long in hours,
By sun and moon alike,
Tracing fading tracks in muck,
The camp falling out of sight.

He came upon a cavern,
Dense with green so thick,
Beneath a brilliant azure fall
The wizard lit a wick.

"The luck I've had must surely change.
I hesitate to say,
I think I've turned my fate this time.
That hog has blocked his way.

"I'll enter then, and shallow go,
For  certainly it is,
That caves like this can't be too deep!
My doom I'll trade for his."

The wizard entered boldly,
By lantern's glow and cane,
To prod an earthen dwelling,
 Down slick and slumping lanes.

The End

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