Growing Up in Burkland: Part 2

The garden outside the hobbit hole consisted of an array of sweet smelling, colorful flowers that no human had ever laid eyes on. The warm heat of the sun beat down on the land, creating lush, green grass that felt warm and soft to the touch. Tim walked down the stone steps from the house, dragging Everard along with him.

"Now look at that Everard," Tim sighed, "have you ever seen a garden like this?"

Everard didn't care much for gardens but even this struck a feeling of joy inside him.

"You know Tim, I don't think I can remember a time when it looked this beautiful."

Tim nodded and scurried down the pathway to where Matilda was hard at work trimming her precious merilillies.

"I got your son outa bed for ya Matilda," Tim exclaimed.

Matilda turned to Tim and smiled, wiping a bead of sweat from her brow.

"Ah Tim, thank ye," she puffed, "I'm nearly done with the gardenin but you and Everard can go plow the fields."

Tim nodded and grabbed Everard's wrist.

"Come on, your mum wants us to plow the fields," Tim ordered.

Everard rolled his eyes. He never liked plowing the fields, or anything for that matter.

"Now Everard," Matilda scolded, "if you don't plow the fields you'll not be having first breakfast today!"

At the sound of this Everard quickly picked up a hoe next to Matilda. He couldn't miss the baked pie Tim's mum said she would make him.

"Alright mum, I'll plow every sing field in Burkland if you let me have first breakfast!" 

At that Matilda smiled and waved a dirt covered hand in the air.

"Alright then, get on with it you two, I want all that dirt turned by this afternoon!"

The two boys quickly smiled at one another and ran off down the dirt road, gathering dust behind them.

The End

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