Growing Up in Burkland

The sun was shinning through the circular window, illuminating the entire hobbit hole. Everard crinkled his nose and fluttered his eyes open.

"Oh blast it all!" Everard grumbled as he stumbled out of bed.

Most hobbits favored the morning, not Everard. He was more of a night hobbit as you would call it. Most of Burkland found it queer that a hobbit could not favor the morning but Everard insisted there was much more to do at night than the day.

"Everard" Matilda called from the from garden, "get down here before I grab you by the  ear and drag you down myself!"

This scared Everard a bit and he quickly pulled on some clothes, tussled his curly black hair and ran down that hall.

"Golly, I didn't even have my first breakfast yet!" Everard complained.

He reached the oval door leading outside and gave a tug on the golden handle. It flew open and a rush of sunlight came pouring into the house, knocking Everard from his feet.

"Oh dear me!" Everard cried, shielding his eyes from the blinding rays.

As Everard struggled to stand, he began to hear the sound of chuckling from in front of him.

"You clumsy oaf," a jolly voice rang, "now come, get to work before you mum has your head."

A strong hand reached out for Everard's shirt and pulled him straight up. As Everard's eyes adjusted, he could see that the figure was none other than Tim Burly. Tim had been Everard's friend ever since he was little. Although he was a bit older than Everard the pair seemed to get along quite well. Tim had wavy, golden hair that was cut short and not nearly as long as Everard's. 'Why do you keep your hair like that?' Tim always said. 'Why do you always keep yours like that?' Everard laughed. The two young hobbits were made for each other, as everyone in the Fourth Shire thought; It was clear that the two were not brothers but it seemed in their souls as though they were.

"Tim, what'r you doin here?" Everard asked, brushing himself off.

Tim grinned and pointed outside, "helpin your mum water the crops."

Everard grunted, "gee, it seems you help my mum more than I do."

Tim put a hand on Everard's shoulder, "ah, don't be silly, you do plenty."

He turned and walked outside, Everard following behind him.

The End

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