Matilda's New Child, Everard

After Matilda had given him a good washing a knock at the door was heard. Matilda flicked her eyes towards the wooden clock hung above the fireplace.

"Oh dear, it's already noon!" She cried. "Wait just a tick please!"

Matilda wrapped the dripping wet baby in a towel and toddled through the hall towards the circular door.

"Klara, is it tea time already?" Matilda asked as she opened the door.

"Yes, why it is my dear Matilda!" Klara said in a jolly tone.

Klara was a much larger hobbit than Matilda. She had dark green eyes like the grass plains of Burkland and her hair was a golden brown of sorts. Many hobbits in Burkland enjoyed Klara for she was a rather social hobbit. Klara was two years older than Matilda, secondy-four to be exact. As many suspected, Klara was not only part hobbit but wood-elf as well. Her father had been on one of his adventures when the two met. They had Klara not long after and lived their happy days out in Burkland. Now, unlike her mother and father, Klara was not one who enjoyed adventure  but was up for one whenever the chance came. This was the day that one happened to come along. 

Klara stared for a moment at the baby boy with great interest. Her green eyes became wider by the second and the hair on her neck stood on end.

"Matilda, how?"


Klara raised her arms up into the air and bustled inside.

"Say no more, I've heard of this Gandalf before. Why, my grandfather used to tell me tales of him and Bilbo Baggins at second diner every night."

Matilda sighed, "I just don't know if I should keep the baby Klara."

Klara paused for a moment, filling the room with a shrilling silence.

"Listen Matilda," ordered Klara, turning around on her heel,"Gandalf coming to your door doesn't happen by chance, he chooses you. Whatever he tells you to do, do it! Whatever he gives to you, keep it! In this case he gave you a baby and you have to honor him by caring for it Matilda!"

Klara put a hard hand on Matilda's shoulder.

"Keep the baby," she said in a pleading voice.

Matilda nodded and turned her head to face the smiling infant.

"He is a cute lad isn't he Klara," she said.

Klara tussled the boys hair and strode towards the kitchen.

"He'll be a fine young man someday," she reassured, her voice fading as she began to take out the cups for tea.

The End

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