What to Do With this Youngen?

Matilda breathed a sigh of concern and shut the door to her hobbit hole.

"Gandalf... oh Gandalf, why give this poor child to me? I'm not nor have ever been a relative to the famous Frodo Baggins!"

Matilda placed the basket containing the infant down at her feet; she needed a moment to figure things out. This child she now carried was a descendent of Frodo, who was seen as an adventurous lad back in the days of Middle Earth. Would this child be the same? Hobbits now a days forbade adventure in any of the Four Shires. A child with a spark for adventure was immediately scolded and sent to work on the farms up in the Second Shire. Matilda shook the thought from her mind and tilted her head towards the basket. There sat the baby; it was considered small for a hobbit infant, no bigger than the palm of your hand. Like most hobbits, the baby was already growing in thick hair in waves of curly strands. It's skin was pale as flecks of snow and it's eyes shone as two crystal gems dug from the furthest regions of Burkland. Matilda brought the child inside, taking it out of the oaken basket.

"God bless Gandalf, this child is as beauteous as the clear water in the lakes of the Shires. But his eyes seem to have the spark of adventure dear I say it. Heaven knows how long I'll be able to hide it."

At that, Matilda went to fetch some water from her well, coddling the new infant as she went.

"Look at you, you're as dirty as the weeds I pull out of my garden!" Matilda chuckled.

The baby blinked at her and began to smile without knowing why.

"Oh goodness, how you make me merry with your grin young one; now lets get you cleaned up shall we?"

Matilda brought the wooden bucket of water inside and placed it on the lunch table.

"Dear me, I forgot the cloth to wash you with!" Matilda gasped, rushing to the kitchen.

"Now where is that blasted cloth?" She yelled.

Matilda began opening drawer after drawer, searching in every cupboard in her house.

"Why, I can't find that old rag anywhere!" She huffed.

The infant began to squeal as if in amusement and she looked at him with wide brown eyes.

"Now what're you laughin about youngen?"

Matilda looked down at the smiling baby who was clutching an old rag with one to many holes in it.

"Now there it is!" Matilda laughed. "Goodness, you must've snatched it while I wasn't lookin now did you?"

She pulled the cloth from the baby's hand and scurried back to the lunch table.

The End

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