What Exactly Is A Hobbit?

The soft wind swept through the town of Burkland on a clear Merdun morning. Warm air brought the many civilians of Burkland from their huts and out into the fields to harvest crops. One inparticular civilian was a young lad by the name of Everard. Everard was a small Hobbit, no bigger than--wait, you don't know what a hobbit is?  Well then, I shall tell you my good fellow.

     A Hobbit is a small creature; only amounting to about three and a half feet on average. The largest hobbit in the history of Burkland was Dudo Tollins who grew to be five feet tall. Many think Dudo might've been half human but no one can tell for sure. The life of a Hobbit is simple--or it was until the great adventure of Bilbo Baggins that is. As you may know, Bilbo was also a Hobbit who lived a non-adventurous life. Nearly every Hobbit in Hobbiton knew and loved Bilbo because he was known not do anything unexpected. This all changed when the great wandering wizard Gandalf arrived and well, you know the rest. Today, Hobbits have become rare and hard to find. During the days of Middle Earth Hobbits were peaceful folk; they drank and made merry whenever they could. As Middle Earth fell into Late Earth Hobbits were seen going on perilous adventures. One Hobbit by the name of Killy Tominson sailed across the oceans of Bankshir in search of an unknown treasure. Another crossed the grassy planes of Lilinhof to discover new land. In due time Hobbits started to scatter far and wide across the lands instead of living in towns and villages. The Human race began to overpopulate, nearly wiping out the Hobbit population altogether. Now Hobbits cannot be found by humans; they live apart from the world in a hideaway they call Burkland. This secluded place is filled with the smell of freshly tilled earth and the warmth of the sun beating down on the land. The Hobbit race thrives here and laughs and makes merry just as in the times of Middle Earth.


     To begin Burkland is located between what Hobbits call "Here and There". No Human or creature besides a Hobbit actually knows where Here and There is, they just know it exists. Burkland thrives on its freshly planted vegetables and fruits which its Hobbits have grown and modified since the age of Middle Earth. Burkland money is another important trademark of its civilians; Whon is the so called name of the currency Burkland Hobbits trade. It consists of a Zing, Took, Nee, and Lit. These names are similar to what humans have named Quarters, Dimes, Nickels and Pennies. The population of Burkland is about .1% of the entire population inhabiting Earth. The other percentage consists of Humans (being the largest), Elves, Orcs and a few other creatures such as Fairies and Dwarves. Many Hobbits, along with most other creatures, call Humans idiotic and refuse to speak to the inferior group. Elves find them unintelligent in most ways, Orcs take them as disgusting morsels, Fairies see them as unpleasing peasants, Dwarves view them as beasts from another realm and Hobbits think they're clumsy oafs. Even though these races despise humans altogether, their numbers are not strong enough to eliminated them. This is why the Hobbits created Burkland, to thrive without the disturbance of the "clumsy oafs". As time wore on many Hobbits lost their sense of adventure obtained from their ancestors of early Late Earth. They feared that the spirit of adventure would soon destroy Burkland if a Hobbit tried to venture from the land. Soon Hobbits returned to their natural state of not doing anything unexpected as Bilbo Baggins once had. This is where our tale begins, of a young Hobbit who did what Bilbo Baggins did once a many ages ago.

The End

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