Gardening Centres

A popular past time of  humans is 'Gardening'. This involves a garden, a small, or large, parch of grass, or 'patio' (a sort of flat hard thing humans like to put on grass, the purpose of which is unknown) and the humans amuse and entertain themselves by decorating it. 

A 'Gardening Centre' is where humans go when they require something for their garden, that they believe it lacks. These things vary, from the delightful 'hanging basket', a basket filled with an earth substance known as 'soil', and plants are placed in it, just so. A plant, as some of you may know, is a living organism, that is very green. For the full description, refer to a book such as Sorian Deegleflux's 'Everything you need to know about plants, and somethings that are completely irrelevent and highly disturbing.' These green things are the pinacle of the human garden. 

Another such article is the 'potted plant', whereby a plant is placed in pot, and is therefore 'potted'. (This does not apply to other objects, just plants.) 

Favoured plants include 'flowers' and 'trees'. These are decorative plants, used often to brighten garden, as flowers come in a range of colours, although they are mostly green. 

Garden Centers are quiet places, where disruptful behavior is not tolerated. Examples of such behavior include shouting words of high, or no, importance, as this is said to be 'rude', (although the truth is it interferes with the plant's highly intelligent means of subconcious communication, and such interferances could easily cause a minor uprising.) and another, damaging things, because this means you have to pay.



The End

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