Many of the occupents of Planet Earth like to state that they, "Can not live without television." This is, of course, un-true. A human being can function perfectly without the assistance of a television set.

However, especially in the younger generations of the human race, television is seen as an essential part of day-to-day life on Earth. It is used for entertainment perposes, although it can also be used as a learning resource.

In general, a television is watched in the home, normally in the "lounge" or "sitting room." This is a room where the family will sit and relax to watch their television.

Television can be watched sitting, standing, lying down, whilst doing a handstand, or in any other position you can think of where the screen of the television is in your line of vision. In most human cultures, the prefered position is sitting, however.

It is often considered rude to "change the channel" on a television when another human is watching, without their permission. "Changing the channel," implies an action involving a "television remote control" where one presses buttons to change the viewing matter on the television.

Because of this, it has to be decided between the humans watching the television what they would all like to watch. This can result in minor arguments and occasionally a broken little toe.

When a viewing matter, or a "television program" has been chosen, it is polite to sit and watch it, and not to start singing at the top of your voice or admiring your new digital watch in a way that is irritating to others around you.

Your choice of television program is very important. There are so many types, that here we are going to talk about one of the most important to the people of earth- "reality television."

"Reality" implies the meaning of real life, so what happens on screen is not "scripted" (written by another for actors to perform) but it happens in "real life."

A popular example is "Big Brother" which in many ways relates to a scientific experiment which involves locking a number of people with contrasting personalities together in a house, and watching what happens.

Naturally, the results of this can be very entertaining to a human, but to other residents of the galaxy, this may seem pointless and un-interesting.

That is why there are also musical reality television programs, such as "X-Factor."

On "X-Factor" a panel of human judges, (who never get along with each other, are stupidly rich and very famous) watch members of the public humilate themselves in front of millions of television viewers, then tell the members of the public how awful they were.

The benefits of television can only be enjoyed first hand, so the best thing to do is find yourself a large, (preferabley plasma, but other homo sapiens may disagree on this matter and reccomend an LCD television, but this is another matter entirley) television, and settle down to an evening of entertainment.

The End

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