This is a Crucial subject for earth matters.

This word has many meanings.

Meaning 1. - The most important we have found, from excavating old citys and old scripturs we have studied, is a Tv series.

Friends set in NewYork City is the story of six main charachters.

JOEY: Joey is the cute lovable one. He is an actor and a qualified vicar for the purpous he could marry two of the other charachters. He loves food, Women, and his friends. He is not very smart but loved anyway he lives with chandlor in an apartment acrros from the three femal charachters

Chandllor:  Chandllor is a funny guy. Alot of the time his humour is lost. He works with IT software and after a one night stand gets with Monica another charachter. He and Joey live together and once owned a duck and a chicken who they resuced from a shelter.

Ross: Ross is incredibly boring as a person and knows way to many uninteresting facts. He is a professor of archieology and has been married three times. His first marriage ended because she was a lesbian. Ross has a son called Ben and eventually in the later series a baby daughter called Emma. He lives in a block across from the female charachters. He also has a colorful past with main charachter Rachel.

Rachel:  A spoilt daddys girl and high school beauty queen. Rachel ran away from the alter. She met the other main charachters and she became a nicer person. Rachel is a shop-a-holic girly girl and works in the cafe the main charachters are normally found hanging out in. Named Central perk this cafe is a very bad pun on Central park and is run by Gunther, the barman, who has always harboured feelings for Rachel.

Pheobe: Pheobe is insane in short. She plays the guitar badly and sings on about the same level. Her songs although amusing drive people nuts. She preforms in Centeral Perk and is a massage therapist. Blond fun and very quirky Pheobe is air headed but extreemly friendly. She bears three childeren for her brother and his wife through IVF.

Monica: Monica is Ross's sister and a chef. When she was a teen she was morbidly obese. She is now thin and very pretty. She ends up hooking up with chandlor. Monica is obsessive about neatness.

This is a very humorous series and follows their lives.


Meaning 2. - Friendship is very important on earth it is based on many things.

A friend is defined as another person you like and talk to very regulaly. Someone you openly discuss matters with. Friends can be male and female. Female and Females or males and males. Often freinds will go and do social events together.

Not to be confused with a Relationship in which the two partisipants are mating partners. Although two people in a realtionship have friendship. Friendship does not usualy involve mating.

There are many varying degrees of friends

  • The Best Friend(s) (Your Favourite friend or two)
  • Close friends (known as an inner circle)
  • Friends (the general term)
  • Aquaintances

The Best Friend(s):

Normaly humans only have one best friend but there can be more than one. Patterns of behaviour towards best freinds depend on the sex.

Males: Males do not normally share as much with their best friends as Femals do. They tend to meet for a beverage known as Beer or to "Hang". They do not tend to openly discuss their feelings with eachother but do brag about their sexual expeditions and conquests.

Females: Females openly discuss their feelings with eachother and often meet to shop. They share everything they possibly can. Femals often have Sleepovers especially in the earier years of their life. They also worry in increasing amounts about their age and what they look like.

Best friends also mainly have personal jokes shared between them. This occurs in both males and females.

Close Friends (The inner circle):

Close friends are usualy a much larger group than Best friends if the number exceeds above one. Close friends are normally a group of the 5-15 people for women, and 3-10 people for males, most trusted and liked by the human. As age increases the number of close friends can fluxuate. This usualy begins after leaving school or university (Both explained in the previous chapter).


This is the general term for people you like and who like you back. The number of these depends on your life situation eg. Where you work, your age and how lovable or respected you are as a person. This group can be talked to and laughed with when you see them. You do not have to see them regularly.


An aquaintance is somebody you have met before, maybe once or twice. Often at partys or through other friends. You must know their name. Often considerable thought must be put into remembering it. You do not normally speak to these people even though you can often be around them. You do not have to like this person much you may even be indeferent to them as you have not spoken long enough to know them well.  Aquaintances may even be someone you only say "Hi" to when passing on your way to your office.

There are also forms of Enemy which is the oposite to a Friend. An enemy or Just someone you dont like are versions of this "Anti-Friendship".

Humans need freinds as it gives them someone to talk to and share things with. It is bulit around five main factors

  • Trust
  • Caring
  • Humour
  • Interests
  • and Personality.


The amount you feel you can tell or give the other person safely and how safe you also feel around them.


Often caring makes you worry about the welfare of the other person and how they feel.Also an urge to stop them making a fool of themselfs or getting hurt becomes larger. If caring goes both ways frienship can grow very strong.


Personal jokes and the ablity to laugh with a freind are very important and keep the friendship realxed. Humour also helps insure freinds do not get bored.


If friends share some comon likes known as interests it gives them something to talk about. Sharing opinoins on these matters is a vital part of friendship. Friends do not have to share ALL of the same interests. Interests also give friends things to do eg. Two friends with an interest for horses may decide to go horse riding together.


The presonality traits of a person seriously influence a frienship. If a person has personality traits you like you become closer friends. If a person has personality traits you do not like then you are likely to be less close.

There are many studies of friendship but this is a basic overview.

End of Insert on Friends.

The End

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