"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has this to say on the subject of:" dodgeball.

Dodgeball is a rather simple game originating on Earth, requiring only six to eight fairly large balls (although more can be used), a large gymnasium for indoor games, a sturdy wall for outdoor play, and a handful of people to make up each team (at least six per team, but some teams were known to contain at least twenty players).  It is highly recommended that one selects burly players possessing both herculean strength and a thick skull for his/her team.

The procedure of play is also very simple, but varies by game locale.  For gymnasiums, play is usually executed as thus: using the balls placed in the middle of the floor, each team hurls a ball with all his might at an opposing team member, attempting to get him/her "out."  Depending on local rules, a player may get back "in" the game if a fellow team member catches a ball.  The number of people allowed back "in" depends on predetermined values assigned to various sized and/or colored balls.  If there is only one player left on a particular team, if (s)he catches any ball thrown by the opposing team, the entire team is back "in."

When using a wall, play is conducted like this: one team stands with their backs facing the wall.  The other team stands behind a prescribed line, and fling the balls towards the wall, attempting to get the other players "out."  It is slightly unclear how team rotations generally work, as more often than not it depends on local rules.

Local rules also predetermine what type of ball is used.  A "playground ball" used to be a popular and widely-used type, but as years went on (and rates of concussions, missing teeth, and paranoia spiked in primary school children), many switched to the more forgiving (but not any less projectable) foam ball.  In some pockets of Earth's dodgeball-playing population, the "playground ball" remained the dominant dodgeball projectile.

The basic gist of dodgeball is the same, a round projectile is hurled at you at terrifying speeds often by a brute of a person, but beyond the basic groundwork local rules determine the rest of the details.  These local rules have very limited reach, reaching only to a park or school's boundaries.  Some attempts have been made to regulate dodgeball procedure, but as there almost as many variations of dodgeball as there are locales in which it's played, this attempt has been in vain.

Dodgeball is not specifically a spectator sport, but often times spectators will gather to gawk, merely for the sake of gawking (and sometimes heckling).  First-time spectators may be repulsed by the spectacle, thinking, "My God, this is like primitive warfare!"  And they'd be right.  When played properly, dodgeball closely resembles primeval hand-to-hand combat, except using balls as projectiles.

The winning team is the team which gets all of the players on the opposing team "out."  However, beyond this benchmark there is no limit to the number of games that can be played to determine a further winner, which also gives the game a drawn-out, never-ending feel to it.

The End

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