Another Day, Another Substitute

Brian swung himself into his seat on Wednesday morning.  “Another sub,” he grumbled, taking a quick look at the front of the room.  A reading assignment was already posted on the blackboard; twenty more pages of boredom.

Matt gave Brian a pointed glance as he took his own seat.  Rather than endure another rambling monologue from his friend, Brian hurriedly flipped open his text book.  As he pretended to start the assigned reading, his gaze wandered to his scribbles from the day before.  He was pleasantly surprised to see tight, neat handwriting curling under his own scrawl.

What type of person would come up with that reply to his question?  Granted, his own writing had been started out of sheer boredom, but now he was intrigued.  He spent the remainder of the class coming up with the perfect note to leave his unknown correspondent:

what if u r standing on ur head?


When Tara arrived for fourth period history, she had to admit she was curious to see if another note had been written on her desk.  She made a note of the reading assignment on the blackboard and then turned her attention to the upper-left corner of the desk.

Tara felt a slight smile spread across her face as she read the messy line added underneath her message.  It may have been nonsense, but it held a certain charm.  She quickly added her own reply:

Then I guess you’re walking on clouds!

She continued smiling for the rest of the period as she finished reading the chapters the substitute teacher had assigned.

The End

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