A woman is attacked and learns shocking truths about herself and her family history.

It was the pain that slowly dragged Nanette back to consiousness. 

It was a deep burning, a cold pain that started in her back and radiated upwards, spreading through her entire body. She yawned and fought against it, trying to sleep again. She had been struggling with painful bladder syndrome for years and it seemed today was going to be one of those days. 

She rolled over, her eyes still closed, and reached out for her husband. Her hand smacked against something cold. She opened her eyes. The bed next to her was empty, except for the flashlight Jonathan sometimes used if he had to get up at night. 

Strange that Charlie hasn't cried for his bottle yet. It must be quite late in the morning, judging by the light that came in through the curtains. Jonathan had closed the door and she couldn't hear any sounds in the house. 

Yawning, Nanette stretched in the bed. Time to get up, make breakfast and take something for her bladder pain. 

As she got up and her mind cleared, she realised the bedroom looked strangely bare. Where was the television and her antique cupboard? Even the beautiful wall clock Jonathan had given her for her birthday was gone. 

Panic gripped her and she ran to the door. What if this was one of those house burglaries where they sprayed something into the rooms to make the occupants sleep? Jonathan and Charlie could be dead. 

She pulled the door handle down, but it wouldn't budge. Someone had locked it from the outside. "Jonathan! Charlie! Jonno! Charlie my baby!"

No response. She was beside herself with fear.  

She kicked the door, but it remained firmly closed. Exhausted, Nanette fell to the floor and put her head in her hands. 

The End

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