This is a story about a man eating dragon that lived inside the Hindhead Tunnel

The new Hindhead Tunnel opened as normal on July 29th but was attacked by a big dragon that swooped down from the sky, ripping it apart. 

As a result of this  many motorists ended up as a  delicious meal for the big hungry dragon who gobbled them all up one by one.

The dragon then flew into Hindhead village and razed every building, causing people to flee in terror but the dragon caught them just the same and gobbled them all up.

The man eating dragon, known as the Hindhead Terror brought death and destruction to the whole area.

Scores upon scores of people, men,women and children  fled for their lives to escape the dragon that was eating everybody by the score.

News of the dragon that ate people sent shock - waves throughout the whole community.

This was announced on Radio Punchbowl.

before long the shocking news reached the Government in London.

Now the plan was to send out troops to go and round up and shoot the dragon, known as the Hindhead Terror.

The prime minister said:

'I'm deeply shocked by this terrible tragedy.

I know from the fact that dragons can turn man eater whenever there's people about.

The sooner we round up the monster and kill it the better. We cannot afford to let people live in fear of being eaten by a monstrous dragon whilst going about their daily lives.

Another thing I'm deeply shocked about is the loss of the village of Hindhead which was completely destroyed by a dragon as it was looking for food, and that food turned out to be human beings.

"And the A3 Tunnel.

That was destroyed completely when a dragon swooped down from the sky and ripped it apart just to get at people in order to devour them whilst they were in their cars driving through the tunnel.

"Because Hindhead has been completely obliterated by a whacking great big monster we can't do anything to bring it back, so the only option is to return the whole area to nature."

Only one area escaped the dragon's reign of terror - The Devil's Punchbowl.

The End

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