The Highwayman

A collection of short stories from a fantasy realm, seemingly separate at first, but eventually all tying together. A fan-fic using characters from a roleplaying site.

If you want the story, I'd advise you to skip right to the next chapter, because I have a whole lot of rambling to do here first. :P

This story is a fan-fic of sorts, though it involves plenty of my own characters. You see, it's a story I've been writing about characters I roleplay on another site, as well as other characters from the same site, only they've been shifted to a different canon, i.e., a fantasy one.

I'm going to put some basic info and shout-outs here, because while I did write this story entirely by myself, others created a good deal of the cast, as well as the original canon, so they need mentioning.

First of all, the roleplay is somewhat akin to Heroes, so it's almost like a superhero story. I won't get into it, but basically there are humans with unique powers, dragons and faeries who can shift to a human form, vampires and lycans (werewolves), and djinn (genies) in the original canon. This canon takes place, however, in modern day, and in 'the real world'.

The canon I've shifted to is an entirely different world, and an entirely different time. I've basically kept the species and the characters, and built the rest from scratch.

Anyway, here's a list of the characters and who played them. The names in brackets are the names of the characters in the original canon.

Chapter One
The Highwayman (Neilen Darkshire), Daniel (Daniel Buckham), Sir James (James Isaac) - Me
The Princess (Eve Melona) - Hurgy

Chapter Two
Claire (Claire Langden) - Hurgy
Chris (Christopher Nightingale), the Guard (Travis Sivart) - Me

Chapter Three
The Spoiled Princess (Jessica Rey) - Matt
The Genie (The Inventor) - Me

Chapter Four
Calcus (Calcus Corrigan) - Matt
The Bard (The Magician) - Me

Chapter Five
Kara (Kara Belova) - Nicki

Chapter Six
Kirien "The Killer" Melantha (Kirien Melantha) - Meg
Cylo AKA Cloyven (Cylo) - Me 

The site's canon was constructed mostly by the admin, who's the Matt I mentioned, but there has been a lot of input from members. I'm not listing them all here though :P

If anyone's interested in the site, the url is

The End

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