Im sitting on along branch that spawns from the portal. Im confused as my brother stops kissing Ally, there's another shadow hunter here a girl but she's moving to quickly for me to pinpoint her position. I feel the sense of acomplishmeant from my brothers mind. I hear the twig snap and my head snaps towards where the other shadowhunter must be.

My brother calls out and a sillhouette appears, she doesnt show her face but my brother obviously wasn't aware of the other shadowhunter girl. He steps forward but i send a warning through our link. He nods ever so slightly and i move silently through the branches closer to the girl. Ally looks bewildered at the appearance of the girl, and they both look puzzled at the girls words. I stop above the girl. Sliding the long knife that is strapped horizontally to my back.

I stop there comfuzed about my next move, should I save my brother or sit back and watch. In the guise of Jerome my brother can't fight back or he'd blow his cover. The Ally girl witch or not was too confused to put up much of a fight and on the other hand this shadowhunter girl is one of us. I'd be attacking our own kind. There's got to be a rule against that.

The End

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