the woods

Ally is now here. For some annoying reason, my twin, Saint, is also here. How come Saint knew about what I was doing? I wanted Ally all to myself.


I shapeshifted into Jerome’s appearance and told Saint to stay hidden, whatever happens.


“Hey, Ally!” I shouted.


“Oh my Gawd, Jerome!” Ally said, overwhelmed. “Did they hurt you?”


“Hurt me? Who would do that? I’d like to see them try.”


“But someone called me…”


“Oh,that. My phone was stolen earlier. Hey, umm… Could you come with me? I have a little… surprise for you.”


I led Ally to the woods and made her believe that I had something for her in the middle of the forest. But I was leading her towards the portal that would lead us to my world – the hidden world of us downworlders.


Finally we reached a clearing. I could see the tree that would open itself up when given the right magic words. I tensed up, I forgot that Ally was also a downworlder; did she know about the portal?


She did not show any sign that she was aware of the portal. Maybe she believes my guise as Jerome. Luring her further into my deception, I used whatever relationship she had with Jerome.


“I have been your friend for too long Ally,” I said. “I guess I’d have to say that I… really like you.” I reached out to her and kissed her full on the lips.


*NOTE for other authors: please do not make Thief remove his “Jerome” disguise yet. Thanks!

The End

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