Saint: Info

My name is Saint  I have short blonde, my skin is tanned for most of the year and I have bright blue eyes. I am british but my family travel alot for hunting purpposes. I am a Shadowhunter and am part of a large family four brothers. We look out for each other. One of my brothers is my twin, his name is Demon because of the diffrence in our hair coulour and skin for he has short black hair and pale features, apart from that we are identical although he is far better at keeping out of sight. We are fifteen and we share a type of telepathic bond, we can't hear each others thoughts or anything but we can sort guess each others feelings. It helps when fighting real demons to know theres someone beside you who knows what your feeling, and recently we've been able to pass images through are link.


My family are not alway in the same country a t the same time. Right noe for instance my parents and two of my older brothers are in France my eldest in Russia and me and Demon are in America under orders to keep our eyes on a Downworlder, Theif they call him and he take the shape of any human. We know for some reason hes after another Downworlder a girl Ally shes a witch.

We sit on the feild me and my twin. He's staring vigilantly out towards the school building while I lay back my head resting on the cool grass as a flash of imagery crosses my vision. It's of the girl Ally, and as soon as I see it I hear her shout for someone I don't know who the words are lost in the wind but my brother has heard it and I feel his heart clench. It must be a human, I sit up the girl is anxious, the human is missing. I look at my brother and cock my eyebrow.

"Theif." we nod similtaniously.

The End

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