That just crossed the line

During class, I couldn't focus. My mind was wondering off towards other things. Mainly my locker, and who had been in it. I was tense, and my teachers had to call my name out a few times to get my attention, which was rather strange considering I tried my hardest always to make sure that I was on task. And my teachers seldom called on people who weren't paying attention. Everyone was giving me weird looks all day as I rushed to and from classes, attempting to outrun whoever seemed to be following me. Yes, I'd had people follow me before, but never for this long or anything. 

The only potential candidate currently in my mind was Alex, my most recent boyfriend. We'd had a hard break up after I found out he was cheating on me and then he'd tried to claim innocent and get me back. I'd notice that he'd been giving me subtle, angry looks. I knew that no girls wanted to go out with him now, or at least have a long-term relationship after I publicly announced that he'd been with another girl. No one else came to mind, so I immediately strayed towards him as the potential stalker. 

So during lunch, I strayed over towards his locker, thankful that no one else was around. "Listen, Alex," I'd begun strictly, not really caring that I was coming off rude. "Stop following me around and taking things from my locker and all. Putting this like this isn't going to get me to come back to you," I said with a glare, slamming a condom down in his locker. He was staring at me with a look of shock, unable to speak. Of course I wasn't really giving him a fair chance to talk, and I didn't even want to hear what he had to say.

"And unless you want me to try and get you suspended, I highly suggest you leave me alone. I can accuse you of breaking and entering my house, moron," I told him, slamming his locker as I walked off without another word. I could feel his eyes burning down on me, false confusion and false hopes. I'd taken out most of my anger during soccer practice, accidentally hitting some other team members' heads on accident. The hit, of course, was accidental, but the fact that I'd kicked hard enough to knock someone out wasn't. 

When classes were finally over, I found myself at my locker again. I'd removed the charm in order to be able to get to the locker myself. My phone had rang just as I opened the locker, perhaps the charm had somehow blocked the signal. My ringtone was Owl City's 'Fireflies' which happened to be one of my favorite bands. I clicked the 'accept' button and answered it. 

"Hello?" I asked, not recognizing the number. It was most likely a wrong number, considering I only gave out my number to people who had mine. But my number probably traveled around with some of my ex-boyfriends and all. 

"I have your friend." 

I paused. My friend? Did this person mean Jerome? I hadn't seen him after first period come to think about it...Immediately, I canceled the call and slammed the locker shut, not bothering to place another spell on it as I headed out towards the field. Practices weren't taking place today, so the field seemed empty for once. "Jerome?" I shouted, looking around franticly for him. 

The End

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